Belly Laugh for the Day

Rick Santorum got a little more than the coffee he was expecting from his mobile phone app.

n00b reveal update: Turns out this is satire (see comment below from Aaron W below).  Still funny as hell, though.

5 Responses to Belly Laugh for the Day

  1. evrenseven says:


  2. Aaron W says:

    You do realize the Daily Currant is satire, right?

  3. basementmatt says:

    It’s funny because the satire would still be true.

  4. Canvasback says:

    I’m anxious for the whole gay thing to fade into irrelevance; which I think is the goal anyway. This week A. Cooper and then that lady soccer player made the news. What’s next, coming out parties? It’s almost like the locker room kiss-and-tell mentality. Are you bragging, or what? Just get it off my TV.

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