The Oatmeal Responds (Through Counsel)

I have, so far, not joined in the pile-on Charles Carreon that resulted when he sent his ill-considered demand letter to The Oatmeal. I did, however, fear that The Oatmeal might not be represented by good counsel who knew how to crush the demand.

I stand corrected, as I have discovered that The Oatmeal is represented by none other than Venkat Balasubramani, who will lay a motherfucking smackdown if you make him. While The Oatmeal’s response is funnier, Venkat brings his A-Game here.

10 Responses to The Oatmeal Responds (Through Counsel)

  1. […] Second Edit: Randazza has a link to The Oatmeal's attorney's response letter, which is quite good. […]

  2. Nicholas Weaver says:

    He should now be Venkat “The Pterodactyl” Balasubramani…

  3. Jessica says:

    The Oatmeal’s level of fantabulous snark is right up there with you and Ken at Popehat. I think the three of you should write a book called “Snarky Responses to Censorious Asshats for Dummies”. You would make a fortune which you could donate to good causes.

  4. andrews says:

    unfortunately the response appears to be buried inside of scribd (sort of a “roach hotel” for documents — they check in and do not check out absent some sort of unpleasant flash/javascript nastiness)

  5. […] case against Inman doesn’t have a leg to stand on. But I’ll let Inman’s lawyer explain that one.  I’ll just add how from a marketing stand point, FunnyJunk going after Inman was […]

  6. Jared says:

    Now lets see the results of the oatmeal

  7. Ted N says:

    I sent Mr. Carron a copy of the Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks.

    I wonder if he’ll look it up, and figure out the current relevence.

    • AmyCat says:

      Oh, that’s priceless. :-)

      …and thanks for the WIkipedia link! I didn’t know the story of the Cossacks’ Reply (much less the Ilya Repin painting), and found it fascinating…

  8. […] Oatmeal responded with a comic (in addition to a letter from its lawyer) that essentially said “no” and “Oatmealed” the letter inserting various […]

  9. Cephas Australoscepticus says:

    I actually preferred the Cossacks’ reply much more than Mrs. Carreon’s infantile reply… They definitely knew how to push a Sultan’s buttons back then!

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