Wanna own the Righthaven trademark?

By J. DeVoy

Hey, you! Give your failed life some meaning by purchasing Righthaven’s registered servicemark!  Available now on eBay!


8 Responses to Wanna own the Righthaven trademark?

  1. dan says:

    and they offer free shipping!!!!!

  2. geekhideout says:

    Goodwill? What sort of misleading marketing puffery is this? LOL

    The only will should be the will to get rid of them GOOD and proper!

    Though it seems the bidding has reached $1025US so someone wants to stick it to em.

  3. dan says:

    there was a a bid of over one mil on a domain name once. never paid up so I’d take the bidding on this one with a grain or twelve of salt.

  4. I would rather own this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130690516385

    “Ebony Princess #3.”

    “These sexy chocolate sistas are horny and ready for some stiff hard cock to please their wet pussies, in some hardcore action.”

    Only $50!

    • Nicholas Weaver says:

      Actually, the question is, what rights did rightshaven get? Was it just a “right to sue” sublicense or did they get the legal authorization to sell copies with a license back to the holder?

      If its the latter, it might be amusing to buy it, then remix it and sell it as an EFF fundraiser. :)

      • I’m no lawyer, but from what I understand of the case Righthaven tried suing on behalf of their clients, but then were told they didn’t have standing because they weren’t the wronged parties. So they convinced the rights holders to sign over the copyright, so they could sue.

        This is why these are able to be sold as assets of Righthaven.

        I do wonder how a person is supposed to get ahold of the original item in question.

  5. Larry Sutter says:

    SOLD for $1025. So does the owner have to pay your legal fees?

  6. Ronald Pottol says:

    So when are you auctioning them and their chattels?

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