Stephen King finally writes something worth reading

8 Responses to Stephen King finally writes something worth reading

  1. The Geographer says:

    Sure, if you want to hear another rich, famous dude completely botch Econ 101 and profess his undying faith the ability of government to “do the right thing.” Ha.

  2. The Geographer says:

    Oh, and completely misrepresent the “troubles” the president went through his life.

  3. Ancel De Lambert says:

    Impressive words from a man I consider half-insane,’ll have to change my opinion.

  4. Alpha says:

    I assume by “pay in the same proportion [as their income]”, Mr. King wants the rich to pay at a 50-60% tax rate while the beloved poor should only have to pay at 10%.

  5. Independent says:

    I would have no problem (and I think neither would Mitt Romney) if everyone “paid their fair share”. However, what Mr. King conveniently leaves out is that almost half of the country pays no taxes at all. What is their fair share? They still receive the benefits of federal roads, protection from the military, National Parks, and all sorts of “pork” (or “earmarks” depending on whether they are for you or someone else). I have left out SS, Medicare and Medicaid as more people do pay into that (although still not everyone as some folks “get back” more than they paid). If we had either the “fair tax” or a flat tax (which applied equally to all forms of income whether it be payroll, investment, interest, or otherwise) with NO EXEMPTIONS for any reason, that would get rid of all the arguments. That way everyone really would be paying the same percentage. Ironically, this would actually help the middle class and poor more than anyone as most of the exemptions are for the wealthy.

  6. dfbaskwill says:

    I hate his books too.

  7. Nonyo Beeswax says:

    Yes, because a half delusional, genius story telling, cocaine snorting liberal has such an impact on the economy with his personal weatlh… Where are the companies he runs? Where’s the investments in startups that provide jobs? I love his books, personally, they are quirky and wonderfully crafted stories, but seriously… stay out of economic policy, way out of your expertise.

  8. C. Henson says:

    Mr. King

    I love your books. I like the fact that you used to do cocaine by the five gallon bucket. I even like your movie adaptations, the worse the better. But dear god man, you’re a creative genius. Stop with the economic analysis. Leave creative market commentary to pundits on MSM. Or wait… are you in a bid for a new occupation? You’d do just as well as most… and the fact that you’re creating stories out of whole cloth for a living now would serve well, so nevermind, go ahed =D

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