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On this day in 1939, The Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. Source.

True, Batman would get his shit wrecked if he tangled with Wolverine, but that did not stop me from squealing like a school girl when I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

Bane is in this one. Sweeeeeeet.

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  1. blevinsj says:

    Better than Bane? Dr. Hugo Strange played by Robin Williams is also in this version…

  2. Beth Hutchens says:

    Excellent choice, imho. Although, I am not thrilled with Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman.

  3. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    Anne Hathaway is leaps and bounds better than Halle Berry, and I can put that together from just the 30 seconds of screen time she’s had in all the official trailers.

    Robin Williams isn’t in The Dark Knight Rises. Talk of him appearing in this series has been a bunch of fanboy misinformation since before The Dark Knight was even scripted. Originally the rumor was that he would play the Joker. After The Dark Knight, the rumor was Robin Williams would play the Riddler in this movie. Then, after Christopher Nolan stated in an interview that the Riddler wouldn’t even be considered for this installment, the rumor shifted to the next character in Batman’s rogues gallery that Williams could possibly fit.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Robin Williams as much as the next guy (coked-up Robin Williams is even better), but he can’t play serious and I think Christopher Nolan realizes that putting him in this series would be like putting Schwarzenegger in that abortion with George Clooney.

    Lastly, Wolverine is a certified badass, but he could not beat Batman… ever.

    The reason is simple: as any Batphile will tell you, we’re drawn to Batman before any other superhero because he could theoretically exist in the real world. He’s a super-smart ninja with enough money to buy any tool he needs to plausibly defeat any enemy, and he’s also mortal. Wolverine cannot exist in reality. Saying he could defeat Batman is like saying the Tooth Fairy can fuck up a Navy SEAL.

    If you wan to put Batman up against a Marvel character, I’ll agree that Iron Man could give him a run for his money — in a fair fight. Of course, Batman is smart enough to pick his battles and not fight fair. Since Iron Man doesn’t have a secret identity, Batman would just go over to Tony Stark’s house and beat the shit out of him while he slept.

    • Beth Hutchens says:

      Batman could *theoretically* exist in real life? That’s what you’re hanging your hat on? First, he doesn’t exist. He is a comic book superhero. It is disingenuous to attempt to paint him as superior to Wolverine by taking him outside of the realm he is supposed to be in. By your logic, Jesus could come down and whup them both. And second, I think we’ve seen well enough what society thinks of masked vigilantes. If some dude dressed up as Chiopteran superhero and started cracking skulls everywhere, he’d be ridiculed, arrested, and thrown in the looney bin. In the immortal words of Kick Ass, he’d just be a dick in a wetsuit. And if he had Bruce Wayne’s income, he’d be an eccentric millionaire dick in a wetsuit.

      Wolverine would fuck. Batman. up.

      • blevinsj says:

        Also, Wolverine has the power of healing. Nothing in Batman’s utility belt would kill Wolverine. Wolverine even survived when Magneto ripped Wolverine’s antamantium skeleton from his body…

        But I digress, since I kinda hate myself for being able to argue this issue…

      • APimpNamedSlickback says:

        Yes, that’s what I’m hanging my hat on. Just because he doesn’t exist doesn’t mean he couldn’t. Wolverine, however, does not and cannot exist. It’s not disengenuous to take a character out of his fictional realm when the character was created specifically for his capacity to plausibly exist.

        By my logic, Jesus could not come down and kick both their asses. He could only kick Wolverine’s ass because Jesus is just as fictional and implausible of a comic book character as the X-Men. And even if Wolverine killed Jesus, he could just resurrect and fight him again — granted it might take a few days, but that’s the way his nonsensical superpowers work.

        You’ll note, I’m not really a fan of comic book heroes; only the ones that could, in some way, actually exist in reality. If they can’t, then they aren’t relatable, and don’t make for the most entertaining stories.

        You’ll also note that I never said Batman could kick Wolverine’s ass; only that Wolverine couldn’t beat Batman. That’s because one cannot exist, and thus can never battle the other.

        As for vigilantism, I think you underestimate society’s acceptance of the eccentric, as long as it doesn’t hurt them personally. The Rain City Superheroes in Seattle have been dressing up like idiots and basically functioning as a neighborhood watch for years. Local police were supportive of them doing this, as long as they never engaged in violence. It wasn’t until some drunk attacked Phoenix Jones, and he kicked the shit out of the guy, that police had a problem with the group. Even then, the only reason he was arrested was because police knew who he was. The dumbass gave them his real identity months beforehand. A real-world Batman would never hang around the cops long enough to exchange personal information, nor would he stick around after beating someone up.

        I admit, a real-world Batman existing would be rare. The chances of one existing are almost impossible. But imagine a 30 year old Steve Jobs with the build of an MMA fighter (and no pancreatic cancer). And instead of going to India and dropping acid for a few years, he went to Japan and trained to be a ninja. Then, upon his return to the U.S., he were so inclined to use his wealth and training to do some good where the corrupt public servants who are normally charged with that task are not willing. Likely? No. Possible? Yes.

        Wolverine? Not possible in any real-world setting. Same goes for the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Jesus.

        And no, Bruce Wayne would not be a billionaire dick in a wet suit — he’d be billionaire ninja in a full-body kevlar suit… exactly as he’s depicted in comics and film.

        • splifton says:

          Before I give my +1 to this comment..

          I must disclose a few things for personal reasons…

          1) I have NEVER seen The Dark Knight and I refuse to see it.
          2) I HAVE played The Dark Knight Slot Machine in Las Vegas whereby I won a few hundred dollars….The joy of that was short lived because the bonus game turned into a full on video game that was too overwhelming in my weakened condition..
          3) I have in fact interacted with the Rain City Superhero’s drunkely stumbling down Broadway in Seattle. While I was not totally impressed they seemed to be more pomp and circumstance than the true defenders of Capital Hill….The Guardian Angles
          4) Finally, I had a client who was mid twenties last week who broke up a local squatters camp because the occupants enjoyed shoot up heroin all day. Since his younger brother died of a heroin overdose two years earlier, my client thought it was his right to shut down the camp and “get the heroin off the streets”…Needles to say hilarity ensues when this guy gets his ass handed to him by some not so happy campers and HE get the disorderly conduct charge…


          As a side note…Blevins that avatar must go…it is too difficult to take you seriously with that Cheese-dick grin staring at me. Is that your Barry Id Photo?

  4. blevinsj says:

    This guy seems convinced:

    The other sites appear to give him credit for past predictions…he even has a screen shot of Williams as, what appears to be, Dr. Strange…But, I guess we will find out this summer…

  5. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    Williams isn’t listed on any cast sheet — not on IMDB, not on anything put out by the studio, and not even on BOF. With the film coming out in two months, you’d have heard something by now, and they would have included at least a glimpse of him in one of the trailers. I know that a lot of people confused the trailer for the video game Batman: Arkham City with The Dark Knight Rises, and the game trailer featured Hugo Strange. Could that have been the screen shot?

  6. Jess says:

    I’m just sorry that Tom Hardy’s luscious lips are completely hidden by the Bane face mask.

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