Ira Isaacs Update

By J. DeVoy

UPDATE:  Early reports indicated Ira Isaacs was found not guilty; updated accounts indicate he was found guilty on all counts.

This update was made as soon as possible, and reflects the double-edged sword of the instantaneous online news cycle.  Even in this digital age, there is room for print journalism and its longer timeline.

6 Responses to Ira Isaacs Update

  1. CPlatt says:

    Wondering if the verdict would have been different if the jury had felt free to be guided by conscience rather than statute and precedent. I would guess at least one jury member didn’t really feel this prosecution was necessary, and might have voted for acquittal, had (s)he not felt constrained by instructions from the judge.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    I’m not sure who Ira Isaacs is[very surprised],but it’s no secret that the media plays a major plays part in screwing up reports on low and high profile cases.

  3. jikamens says:

    Dude, next time you post that war is peace and black is white and you need to post a correction, please do it in a new blog posting, not just an update to the old one, which does no good to those of us who read the blog via RSS. Thanks.

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