Bitch of the Century

I hereby pledge that anyone who ever works for me will not be treated like this.

2 Responses to Bitch of the Century

  1. Jay Wolman says:

    Complaint is here:;contentBody

    While it could have been handled better, there are issues to be considered.
    1) Did Stevens’s performance actually suffer? In which case, Brucia would do her employer a disservice to show favoritism to Stevens.
    2) After Stevens’s transfer, it looks like a different boss thought she sucked and Stevens admits she didn’t fit in.
    3) Stevens has a history of putting her own interests above the employer’s, hence the earlier resignation. She really may have been lackluster post surgery. However, if the employer failed to accommodate and the lack of kidney was the reason for poor job performance, then they may be liable. But, the burden to request an accommodation was Stevens’s; it is not clear she did so.
    4) She was offered a transfer back 2 weeks prior to termination. No evidence she accepted, so she stayed at the job where the different boss though she sucked and where she admitted she didn’t fit in. Could be retaliation for the complaint, could be poor performance.

    Given the size of the employer, I doubt that Brucia unilaterally made the decision to terminate, especially once legal got involved. The employer may be liable, but they also might not be. They really could have been justified; we are only hearing her side of it. True, it is a dick move, but it’s not the whole story.

    Marc, maybe you would be kinder to your donor. But, would you let one of your associates show favoritism to a crappy legal assistant, just because the assistant donated a kidney? What if the crappy assistant donated the kidney to Joe-Blo? Just food for thought.

  2. jdgalt says:

    @Jay Wolman: While you have some potentially good points, it seems to me that if Brucia or one of her managers had issues with Stevens’ performance and was going to fire her, she should have let her know it before Stevens made the donation. Even if Stevens’ reasonable expectation of gratitude was not a binding obligation, Brucia deserves the reputation as a jerk that she is now going to have.

    The lesson I see here is that one should no more try to make such personal deals with a superior or subordinate than date them — it creates the appearance of a conflict of interest, which appearance can be as harmful as the real thing no matter how ethical you are.

    Of course, this whole mess would have been avoided if it were legal to buy and pay for organs.

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