More TSA Idiocy

Making us safer … one bus stop at a time.

4 Responses to More TSA Idiocy

  1. Marc, I’m confused: Wouldn’t the TSA (or anybody else, for that matter) need a warrant before they could search your bag without your permission? Do they (the TSA, or anyone else) have the power to arrest you if you don’t agree to a swarch? Or is it just that they can prevent you from getting on the bus/train.whatever?

    • Ancel De Lambert says:

      Interesting question…
      The answer is yes. Personally, I’m afraid we’re quickly coming upon the day when someone is comfortably willing to shoot an agent for breach of privacy, which only increases in likely-hood as these “security guards” foray further and further out from their nice safe airports and into the real world, where people are armed.

  2. Joe says:

    Typical politicians licking their chops over more ways to get on the Federal funding gravy train. TSA cannot detain or arrest you – they have to rely on police for that. So far only random bag checks so most people won’t push back on that. If it gets down to pat downs and body scanners I’d like to think the tune would change. Sadly there are far to many sheeple in this world.

  3. greatdivorce says:

    Does anyone know the penalty for refusing to submit to one of these jackbooted fucks?

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