Robot Prison Guards

I guess it is only a matter of time before we have robot TSA agents. At least they’ll smell better than the swine that work for the TSA now — and they’ll be capable of slightly more independent thought.

5 Responses to Robot Prison Guards

  1. I’m in favor of robot prison guards, but I think they should only guard robot prison inmates. I’ve seen enough movies to know that, when robots go bad, it can get real ugly, real fast, and I think that it would take another robot to keep unruly robot prisoners in line.

  2. Beth Hutchens says:

    You will obey me! Obey! Obey! You will all be exterminated! All exterminated!!!!

  3. Peter H says:

    I actually think this could be excellent for one reason: audio/video recording. Unlike the basic CCTV systems that many prisons have, this thing necessarily keeps its video recorded, as opposed to just live broadcasting to a guard booth. And it has audio. A/V recording of events means that you can actually substantiate claims of rape, violence, and abuse, and sometimes, maybe, occasionally, get justice done for the perpetrators.

  4. alpha4centauri says:

    So, whose job will it be to clean the thrown food and feces off the surface of this thing?

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