Note to self: Stop doing this

By J. DeVoy

A Northern Ohio man is being charged with theft because he met up with a girl on a blind date and left in a disgusted rush – and apparently neither the girl nor the two friends she towed along (in true Hungry Hungry Hippos fashion) had the means to pay.

The upshot:

Police charged Daniel J. Robinson, 23, of Sheffield Village, with theft saying he promised to pay for the three guests meals at Champps Americana in Crocker Park. He then stepped out for a phone call and never returned, leaving his date with the bill and “no means to pay,” Westlake police said. (source)

So, feminists, explain this to me: Women are so strong, empowered, better than men and more employable, making more money – yet between these three, they couldn’t muster up $95?  Pick a narrative and stick to it: Either women are helpless and men need to be punished so that their suffering is not perpetual, or they’re on top of the world thanks to two decades of insipid grrl power training.  Logically, you cannot have both.

Hopefully there is an attorney in Ohio that will represent this man pro bono.  I’d also like to contribute to his legal defense fund.  Here’s why:

• There is a huge problem of evidence.  The three girls all have an incentive to say he was going to pay, even if that wasn’t the case.  More to the point, why were there three girls there?  Having seen what girls in Northern Ohio look like, I would have turned tail and ran as well if they showed up and expected me to finance their nightly feeding at the trough.

• What were the terms of the date agreement?  Why were none of the other three capable of paying?

• As someone who routinely walk(s/ed) out on girls who are not as attractive as I remember, or who are more than half a point below their photo(s) on a ten-point scale, getting a criminal record for deciding my time is better spent writing a research memo or blog post, or just doing nothing instead of hanging out with a ninja-fattie or secret single mom, scares the crap out of me.  My normal method on a first meeting is to bring cash and not leave a tab open.  But even then, if they have my name or phone number, they can make up some bullshit story for the LVMPD about how I said I’d pay for her to go out and shower her with affection and money, and I’d get arrested for theft when I decided I’d rather play Call of Duty than be seen in public with someone who misstated her weight by sixty pounds.

My longstanding advice for guys who ask about getting a bait-and-switch on a blind date or online meeting has been to just walk away.  The reason is shame.  Shame is a powerful motivator, and one that has been exorcised from society because of mob rule by sissies who believe the only mortal sin is making someone feel bad.  Oh, their poor wittle feewings!  How they must burn!

But now we have entered a new paradigm where being a man and disregarding someone who lied to you about something important – her age, her weight, her child(ren) – carries potentially criminal consequences.  My advice has always been to get up and leave without saying a word when you’ve been deceived.  Being ignored, without explanation, is like a knife to the soul to someone who thinks they’ve landed their meal ticket for the night.  Without that kind of rejection, the mediocre women of America – who think that becoming manly, rather than effeminate, is desirable – will learn to reverse course.  What’s next, getting sued for breach of implied oral contract when you leave after one drink because you’re trying to be polite, when she expected you to finance a bender?  Screw that.

Apparently Daniel Robinson sent “derogatory texts” to his date later that night (source).  I neither advise nor condone that, and it stinks of him being a bitter beta.  I’m therefore hesitant to support him – he should have left before ordering anything anyway.  But, the climate set by this warrant’s issuance is a chilling one indeed.

H/T: Roosh.

27 Responses to Note to self: Stop doing this

  1. CPlatt says:

    I guess this post pretty much confirms that J. DeVoy is male.

  2. me says:

    J – If you wanted to go on a date with me, you should have just asked instead of hinting around like this. :)

  3. DirkJohanson says:

    Using aliases is another good idea, with the added benefit that we can end up getting free food.

  4. adualism says:

    I wish he’d paid for his food and then left.

  5. Why do I strongly suspect this happened at a Golden Corral?

  6. picklefactory says:

    > Pick a narrative and stick to it: Either women are helpless and men need to be punished so that their suffering is not perpetual, or they’re on top of the world thanks to two decades of insipid grrl power training.

    Sounds like the fallacy of the excluded middle to me.

    It sure doesn’t look like drinking cider vinegar helps with your rhetorical skills, either.

    • J DeVoy says:

      Do you write a blog of your own, or is leaving half-witty mangina comments here your schtick?

      • picklefactory says:

        I don’t need to write a blog of my own to show up and tell you that your sexist MRA nonsense brings down the tone of this one.

        Mangina, huh? I suppose I’m not surprised that that rises to the level of witty for the sort of manly alpha that apparently thinks things such as “you’re slightly less hot than I remember, this date is OVER RIGHT NOW.”

        • J DeVoy says:

          Well, it says a lot that you don’t (can’t) create anything of value but just hang around like a wraith to bitch and moan whenever someone writes something that upsets your delicate sensibilities. How does going out in sunlight work out for you, what with onion paper-thin skin and all?

          I’m done with you. Let me know if you emerge from your basement, even figuratively, and create something of your own.

  7. “Northern Ohio” -end of story.

  8. Gary says:

    I think somebody should have been thrown to the Reavers.

    “Reavers?” Really?

  9. jess says:

    The proper thing for the guy to have done is leave some cash for his own meal that’s it. If he want’s to be a creep in how he handles a date that’s his choice but that doesn’t mean he’s deserving of a warrant being issued for his arrest. Someone is really over reaching on this one. Besides I have a really hard time believing not one of the three women had a credit card with them – REALLY. I mean shit how do they go shopping?

  10. Navian says:

    Pure selfish leech like behavior, and of course parasitic women never,ever could lie.Could you in your wildest dreams imagine the reverse happening.Three men without cash saying that the woman who left had promised to pay and then the cops arresting her.
    I agree with sticking to a type of narrative, act like ladies or your privileges diminish correspondingly with your whore like behavior.
    Men in this area should boycott the restaurant until the three parasites pay for their own food and charges are dropped.
    Women with any class should not rationalize this type of crap,left unchecked it will increase negative attitudes and contribute more to the dysfunctional relations between men and women, I wish
    picklefactory would save his chivalry for women who deserve it not to skanks.

  11. markkernes says:

    You really don’t need a guy in the porn industry telling you this, but here are a couple of considerations:
    1) Just because a woman doesn’t look like her picture doesn’t mean she isn’t a nice person with whom one could pass a pleasant evening–but you (or this Ohio guy) should be able to tell that in the first few minutes, certainly sometime before the entré.
    2) There’s a good chance her two friends were there not only for moral support (which I can easily imagine that a gal on a blind date could use) but also because the guy might turn out to be a toad or worse.
    3) Yeah, somebody should have had money with them, but we don’t know what conversation/email took place between the participants before they met up at the restaurant. If he was one of those, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about ANYTHING” types, the women may have had expectations that he certainly didn’t fulfill.
    4) In 2012 America, $95 isn’t necessarily chickenfeed, and who knows how many of these gals were out of work and living close to The Edge (not the musician)? But for this asshole to just take off like that doesn’t speak well for his humanity. He made the date, he owes the check–and it really doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with “feminism.”
    Really, J., I thought better of you!

    • darius404 says:

      He doesn’t “owe” the check. If you go out with someone, you should be ready to pay your half of the bill. Should a woman HAVE to pay her part of a bill? No idea, but she certainly doesn’t have a RIGHT to stick they guy with the bill. When three women go out and expect the man to pay for $95 worth of food for the three of them, there is something wrong, and it’s not on the man’s part.

    • The only thing this guy did wrong was not throwing down cash for his portion of the check.

      Mark, I gotta disagree with you on some of this:

      1) It does mean she is not a nice person. If you’re meeting someone on a blind date, and they’ve provided a misleading picture, then they’ve already lied to you. They’ve already deceived you. They’re already a shitty person.

      2) She needed TWO friends as bodyguards? Really? How about meeting in a restaurant full of people? How about the two friends being at their own damn table?

      3&4) True, we don’t know what the arrangement was. But, $95 is not exactly a king’s ransom either. If I ran the restaurant, and one out of four people left a table, but the other three stayed behind, I’d hold those three responsible for the bill — not the guy who left. Don’t tell me that not a single one of those three girls had a credit card with them. I mean, I suppose it is possible that this guy found a trio with no money, but I think it is more likely that the trio lied about not having any money.

      • DirkJohanson says:

        The fat cunts tried to pull a scam. They should be in jail, not the guy. And fuck the restaurant- most restaurants are de facto pimps. If prostitution were legal, half of them would be out of business in a week.

    • Navian says:

      Your first point could be valid. This guy could be a superficial jerk and maybe he did let on that he was bucks up and would entertain everyone, and then decided to stick three nice young ladies with the bill. But you do not know, and the reflexive good girl bad boy mantra is honestly stale and pathetic.

      “In 2012 America, $95 isn’t necessarily chickenfeed, and who knows how many of these gals were out of work and living close to The Edge” ….Who knows? Yeah thats the ticket,or maybe they saved Hitler’s brain and these three loving princesses were under mind control and can not work. No way could they be entitled selfish punkettes, and tell me how do you know that they do not make more than him. Please don’t feed us the 75cents on the dollar bs

      “There’s a good chance her two friends were there not only for moral support (which I can easily imagine that a gal on a blind date could use) but also because the guy might turn out to be a toad or worse.” ~ Or they think it is a game to use men for free a dinner. I have heard plenty of women gloat about using men and I am male and not privy to most of their conversations.

      I do not feel most women are like this but the ones that are can get called out when exposed. It can promote more accountability and civil behavior

  12. Ok, Poe’s law has finally kicked in for me. I admit defeat.

    Popping outside for “a phone call” is being a dick and coward, and can’t understand why he couldn’t front up and tell them the truth.

    However, as a Brit, I am amazed that the police got involved at all. Can’t imagine British police even turning up, except if it was a quiet night, and only then to take the girls to a police station and let *them* off with a caution…

  13. jdgalt says:

    If the woman he made the date with had actually promised what the *guy* expected or at least hoped to receive, they would both be subject to arrest. So why should he be expected to make promises either?

    As for “he should have left before ordering anything anyway” — that assumes all three women had shown up by then. We don’t know that.

  14. Daniel J Robinson says:


    Hello everyone! And thank you for your support.

    So lets get the facts straight now that this all over facebook, news, and the news papers. The girl I met was nothing like her facebook picture. She is obviously good with photo shop. She didn’t bring two other girlfriends, she brought her roommates. One is a girl, and her roommate also brought her boyfriend! (they all three live together) Yep, there were two men there on a double date! and I was the only one with any money, allegedly. After she had offered to pay for me multiple times due to the fact that I was the one meeting all three of them out for the first time, I still gave her the cash for my food before we even went into the restaurant. So despite the poor news reporting, My date DID have enough money to pay for herself and me. This date obviously did not go well so I left! Nonetheless, this is garbage. How is it that I got charged with theft (M1) and warrant for my arrest when there were two couples at my table? Am I expected to pay for everyone’s meal? Would any one else that was eating at Champs sports bar on April 4th that night like to add their bill to my tab as well? If so please call (440) 871-3311.

    I paid for mine that that was all I was responsible for. The news stories have been bad enough because of all the lies. However, the most embarrassing thing just might be that the whole world now knows I actually went out on a date with that girl.

    ALSO You are ALL invited to my birthday party and hearing on April 24th (my birthday) at 9am, at Rocky River Municipal Court.

    • I’m on your side, but there is one thing in your comment that does not make sense. You wrote ” I still gave her the cash for my food before we even went into the restaurant.”

      Why would you give her money before going in to the restaurant?

    • APimpNamedSlickback says:

      Thanks for the invite… will you be paying for drinks after the hearing?

  15. KL says:

    Promises are not legally binding contracts. Do police believe he offered to buy meals for two cock-blocking friends? Only if they were really hot. But in that case he would not have sent derogatory comments.

  16. Navian says:

    The only way to stop this bullshit is hurt em where it counts the pocketbook. I am sending a correspondence to Champs headquarters that I and as many people as I can convince to stop patronizing their establishments unless they stop this nonsense.


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