“five men, tied to one another with duct tape, wearing nothing but underwear”

Apparently, “the individuals were doused with flour, coffee grinds, fish sauce, chili sauce, honey, hot sauce, mustard, and empty sardine cans…” (source)

My first client ever was a fraternity that destroyed its house … ummm, allegedly. At least in that case, allegedly, the boys just trashed the house — not each other.

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  1. David Eoll says:

    “Frat House Condiment ‘Hazing’ Probed”

    Now that’s just cruel. Don’t you think those poor boys have already been probed enough?

  2. siouxsielaw says:

    I bet that as of this moment they are on double secret probation.

  3. dfbaskwill says:

    Douglas C. Neidermyer, Sergeant-At-Arms was not available for comment.

  4. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    Generally I’m the last person to criticize Greek letter organizations — essentially because their depiction by non-members is so twisted that it goes beyond comical and is far more damaging than the actual worst behavior of most GLOs that I have trouble believing most of the accounts that make news. That said, AEP, altough an NIC fraternity, is nevertheless a minority-focused organization.

    This means nothing to an outsider, but those who work within the Greek system know that — especially over the past two decades — while traditional fraternities (i.e. non-discriminatory/non-ethnic or religion-focused fraternities) have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate an unearned reputation, and generally stayed out of any and all trouble, the minority-focused organizations have seemed to double down their efforts to reinforce the image of GLOs perpetuated by non-members in popular culture.

    Society says that fraternities haze pledges; so these minority-focused organizations (seemingly vying for public recognition as part of the greater group of GLOs) do what society says GLOs do. The result is what you see in the news. I’ve seen dozens of stories over the past few years alleging hazing in fraternities, but only one of them has been associated with a traditional fraternity.

    It should be noted that this particular chapter of AEP was not sanctioned by the university; thus, it was not technically a chapter of any fraternity… it was just a bunch guys going around calling themselves a fraternity and doing what they thought a fraternity ought to do.

  5. Drunterwelt says:


    […]“five men, tied to one another with duct tape, wearing nothing but underwear” « The Legal Satyricon[…]…

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