The difference between Miami-Dade and Broward

I sorta thought this would be funnier after reading the disclaimer.

Personally, I prefer Miami to Broward. I guess, I should say preferred – since it has been a hell of a long time since I lived in either.

3 Responses to The difference between Miami-Dade and Broward

  1. Just heard your story on On the media, your in south florida?, I like broward a bit more than miami. I lived a short while in miami but I like broward a lot more there lots of fring benifits, cartoon network is free on basic cable and I’m not sure if its because of the wealth in the aria I live in but there’s really good land scaping its really beautiful, and the mcdonals around here are themed almost of wondering why, are should i really eat here.

    Love your work at defending the first amendment, I always felt free speech protects not the speech every one likes but the speech no one likes. Lots of luck with your law work its greatly needed.

  2. Funny shit.

    I live in Broward.

  3. TvT says:

    I love that I get that sooo well having grown up in both areas. Funny shit indeed. Miami is good for entertainment; south beach for fantasies and Broward to live. Spanish/Latino is miami’s language as I remember and it’s overpowering when you live in America but can’t communicate in English first. I suspect this is a factor to the migration north. Though, I’d not go to Florida at all unless to visit and get fresh orange juice.

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