Let’s Play “WOULD YOU RATHER…..?”

First, watch the trailer for ZOMBIE ASS below.

Now, answer the poll.

13 Responses to Let’s Play “WOULD YOU RATHER…..?”

  1. Christoph says:

    Oh my imaginary god, Japanese people are really weird.

  2. Matt Brown says:

    Someone voted they’d read something by Crystal Cox? What the hell?

    • We would rather read something by Crystal any day, what else can give us the frivolity and absolute understanding that we ourselves can actually be classified as normal in comparison.

      As for zombie Ass – it is only a movie, Though it does remind us of one weekend where we had an encounter with a Karaoke machine after eating month old chili and shall we say,consuming a certain amount of liquid refreshment made of cacti.

    • Susan says:

      Yeah a whole 81 people even. Gotta admit though where else would we get our daily dose of batshit crazy to laugh at.

    • Adam says:

      I voted for reading Crystal Cox. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Zombie Ass..I really just couldn’t. And the law review articles weren’t even an option. I read them all the time and I’d much prefer to read CC. It’s kind of like going to the zoo, except instead of salamanders in the tank, it’s a cuckoo-kaka-bananas biped from space.

  3. A brilliant tie-in to provide relevance for zombie ass, so you could share this trailer with the world. Zombie ass is awesome.

  4. A brilliant tie in to make zombie ass relevant – you were dying to share this trailer with the world, admit it. Zombie ass is awesome.

  5. Jack B. says:

    From the makers of The Machine Girl and Robo Geisha! I haven’t seen Robo Geisha, but The Machine Girl kicked almighty ass. The same dude did Tokyo Gore Police, which was pretty cool, too

    Here’s the “Wrist Cutter G” commercial from Tokyo Gore Police: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZt2_kqoqqI

  6. Crunchback says:

    May I have a poke in the eye with a sharp stick instead?

  7. Andy says:

    Can I read about Crystal Cox being attacked by Zombie Ass instead? A nice amalgamation of the options.

    • You really haven’t thought that amalgamation through to it’s chilling conclusion have you.

      Zombies by their very nature, on all the greatest movies anyway (lets not talk about Zombie strippers.. though watching it was awesome) need sustenance to go on being zombies.

      That sustenance is Braaaaaiiiinnnnsssssss (or brains even) .

      Crystal Cox being chased by Zombies? What are you thinking man, do you have no shame. You trying to kill those poor Zombies.

      Zombies were people too. Can someone please think of the zombies

      • John says:

        I was sort of thinking of the way traditional zombies acted at the behest of a master (old school, I know, but I’m old). In that scenario, we’d have zombies botting the Internet, setting up defamatory sites for every child on the planet, then threatening groundless suits. That sounds pretty horrible to me.

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