You’re all suspect!

I’m late to the party on this one, so I won’t comment too heavily on the Supreme Court’s recent decision that American citizens can be strip-searched after arrests for any infraction whatsoever. (NYT article here)

I’d just like to suggest how we deal with this. If there are any cops out there in the DC area who still believe in the Constitution, please, FUCKING PLEASE, keep your eye on Justice Kennedy, Justice Roberts, Justice Scalia, Justice Roberts, and Justice Thomas. If they break the speed limit by 1 mile per hour, jaywalk, or fail to properly sort their recycling, grab them, arrest them, and strip search them.

After all, they all agreed with this:

People detained for minor offenses can turn out to be the most devious and dangerous criminals. (Op. at 14)

You never know. You can’t be too safe.

One Response to You’re all suspect!

  1. Rogier says:

    Amen. Here’s hoping that there’s at least one cop who can stomach your blog! ;-)

    People have been stripsearched after violating the local LEASH LAW, for fuck’s sake, or after being late with child support payments. Seriously, what in heaven’s name is happening to this increasingly shoddy, scary, shitty country? When did Jefferson’s freedom-focused democracy become the constitutional equivalent of a third-world banana republic? When, exactly, did a tolerance for police thuggery become the dominant strain in our judicial process?

    Justice Breyer, writing for the four dissenters, said strip-searches are “a serious affront to human dignity and to individual privacy” and should be used only when there is good reason to do so. Does that actually sound impermissibly radical to any sane person in this country?

    And instead of Facebook and Twitter and all of the blogosphere and every last mainstream medium except Fox exploding in fury and protest, people just go on posting their pictures of LOLcats, and discussing who should have won last night on American Idol.

    As a once-proud immigrant to this country, I feel HAD (I’d feel just the same if I’d been born here, actually). The America I thought I’d adore my whole life, that I wanted my children to love, is now a diseased corpse, brought down by a couple of thousand nasty zealots and pricks in Washington and on court benches throughout the land, and by the approximately 290 million lazy assholes who never cared enough to lift one finger to preserve the formerly amazing republic that was bestowed on them.

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