Who killed chivalry? Our “pussified legal system”

Mike at Crime & Federalism makes a good case for not giving a shit when you see someone getting harassed or picked on. (here) Essentially his point is that if she’s not actually getting raped or killed, you have more of a chance of winding up in prison for being a “White Knight,” so better to let small petty annoyances go unchecked. Why? Because we have a “pussified legal system.”

I am not sure if I’d 100% sign on to his view. But, it is persuasive. We have become pussified. There was a time when you could rightfully punch a guy while defending a woman’s honor. No physical threat necessary. Now? Good luck with raising that as a defense if he presses charges.

3 Responses to Who killed chivalry? Our “pussified legal system”

  1. Matt says:

    He brings up an interesting point, but I think the main question is where to draw the line. They’re trying to set her hair on fire? Not yet. She’s being raped? I’ll step in, now it’s serious.

    The “pussification” of our legal system seems to just be the line drawn further away. Just like free speech is chilled by restrictions on the First Amendment, perhaps justifiable “free action” is chilled by some of our civil and criminal statutes.

  2. Christoph says:

    Well you can’t do self-defense anymore in a great number of situations, and defending another is an extension of that. This, you libs can own.

  3. Christoph says:

    Personally, I think the justice system went downhill when they outlawed dueling. I think it should be legalized.

    That, consensual fighting, etc

    Now, if a person refused to fight it should be absolutely against the law to assault him. Further, harassment should be against the law if taken to extremes (which doesn’t include, for example, writing on your own webspace or publication that you dislike someone for X reason, if not libelous).

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