Carlos Miller on Crystal Cox

Color me embarrassed. Carlos Miller is one of my First Amendment heroes. He fights for the rights of photographers everywhere. I’m not talking as some cushy lawyer. He is in there, in the trenches, and gets arrested for it.

He wrote about the Crystal Cox extortion case back in December, and I missed the story. He’s done as good a job as anyone, if not better, in showing how this is not a bloggers vs. journalists story at all.

3 Responses to Carlos Miller on Crystal Cox

  1. Christoph says:

    It was a definitive post; early too.

    • Yes. He and Salty Droid (here and here) were way out front on this story. I’m embarrassed to say that the rest of the blogosphere dropped the ball back then. But, I see that it is making up for it now.

  2. Carlos Miller: Crystal Cox “is the cyber equivalent of the mob goons who firebomb your business, before demanding protection money.”


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