Verrr Nice! NOT!

Kazakh Maria Dmitrienko won the gold medal in a shooting competition in Kuwait. While she stood on the podium, they played the Kazakh National Anthem — except it wasn’t the real one… it was Borat’s version. Apparently, the organizers accidentally downloaded it from the internet.

That’s what you get for using BitTorrent to get your music, dumbasses.

3 Responses to Verrr Nice! NOT!

  1. […] On the lighter side (sort of): you can’t make this up. An international sporting event thought that the Borat version of a national anthem was the real one! […]

  2. mmmwright says:

    Kind of like the film “The Dish” when the HS band was supposed to play the U.S. national anthem and they played the theme to “Hawaii 5-0.”

  3. Kasey says:

    I’m not even going to lie. I laughed my damned ass off when I heard this story, and didn’t stop for several minutes.

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