Feminist War of 2012

By Tatiana von Tauber

I’m embarrassed to be an American woman with witness to the current state of the Union.

Being a woman is without a doubt the most difficult process of becoming I’ve ever undertaken especially since I began my role as a mother 14 years ago. Nothing prepares you for the experience of motherhood better than truth and so I feel the same about the future of young girls in America.  There are many I know who were totally lost in the wake of the conservative pool of stupidity in the days of GWBush and his side’s abstinence education policies in American schools.  There is an entire generation of kids who are completely misinformed about birth control and sex because of religion.

More and more I feel battered by having the feeling women were given erotic beauty for reproductive purposes – that selfish gene – and then, as though being whores weren’t enough, women were thrown into the immature flatlands of male needs where they were then expected to create synthesis. However, a bit of a power struggle later, women became those to not only seduce, but birth, nurture and support an entire family, if not society yet be given “jump for the carrot” freedom on body parts – by the very men they birthed!  How did America come to be like this? If American politics continue to enter the domain of a female’s sex life,  America has little to offer women of the next generation.

I’m drained from realizing Congress is really a bunch of men who can’t get their heads out of the female genitalia.  If they don’t pay to get in one they pay for others to stay out of one!  For the men who are playing around with this issue, women are only a piece of ass and little more, except maybe for their little girls who are a piece of ass for the boy next door. For women who support recent attacks on female rights in the name of being faithful to a God, I have no words, only disgust.

Reproductive rights, the womb, women’s health – all of it has to do with the absolute power this birth right gives to women; and patriarchy has never been stronger in modern America! As an American I am so appalled at this downfall of this great nation – that the womb and its ownership, the vagina and a woman’s health are on the table of political discussion rather than the real issues that need immediate attention, it all makes me want to throw up on Congress.

The bottom line to all this rhetoric is this: women have the power to veto men through sex and men don’t like that. Thank you Dr. Leonard Shlain for helping me understand this through your wonderful work, Sex, Time and Power (may you rest in peace) but how about a little help down here with the rest of the blind folks, eh?

The last time I checked, my kidney belonged to me and nobody could force me to do anything specific with it.  The main reason the womb is different is because it controls males’ sex lives.  The fact that women are under attack, in America, in 2012 stuns me.

Here’s my contribution to the debate: “Feminist War of 2012”.  I designed this back in 2007 or so and struggled with a proper title.  The Image just found its perfect match and almost sadly, its perfect time.

"Feminist War of 2012", ltd. ed. Giclee, 13"x19" by Tatiana von Tauber

Bonus material to chew on: 

Speaking of controlling women, this is an example of how women get screwed by men and the baby fantasy and how media uses them to make money to help glorify the chaos and continue the cycle.  See Kate Gosselin, mother of 8 now.

Great post and kick ass quote: The Body Politic, “This campaign needs more women and less gynecology” – Virginia Heffernan

9 Responses to Feminist War of 2012

  1. republicanfaithchat says:

    “women have the power to veto men through sex and men don’t like that.”

    Uh, if you are a married older men, well, a veto works only if there is something to be taken away. As long as my carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t act up too much, I’m good.

  2. The Geographer says:

    I can’t tell if this is sarcasm so:

    If yes: Brava!

    If no: You’re a moron.

  3. A Pimp Named Slickback says:

    You say: “women get screwed by men and the baby fantasy,” yet you say just three paragraphs above that: “women have the power to veto men through sex.” So which one is it? Do women control reproduction, or are they victims of male-dominated breeding slavery?

    I’m all about women controlling their own lives, but with that freedom comes responsibility — responsibility to make reasonable decisions and to accept the consequences of the bad decisions you make. Last time I checked, Kate Gosselin wasn’t strapped down and forced to turn her vagina into a clown car.

    She CHOSE to shit out 8 kids. Now maybe she picked a worthless douchebag to father those kids, but again, that was her choice. Now she has to live with it, and you do no favors to your gender by ridiculing her for using her ill-deserved celebrity as the only marketable characteristic she has to accept responsibility for those choices.

    The only person who screwed over Kate Gosselin was herself.

  4. picklefactory says:

    Women are under attack, she wrote, just to the left of the link to The Spearhead on the blogroll.

  5. jdgalt says:

    Women had equality and fairness 40 years ago. Since then they’ve pushed for supremacy and tyranny, and mostly gotten both (in the form of the child-support enforcement racket, the sexual “harrassment” law, and VAWA, all of which are both unacceptable and unconstitutional).

    It’s about darn time we pass the ERA, so men can be equal again.

  6. markkernes says:

    Of course, you hit the nail on the head in the second paragraph: It’s *religion* that views women as subservient to men, as chattel for men to do with pretty much as they please—and which has so infiltrated the culture that there are plenty of non-religious men who’ve nonetheless absorbed religion’s view of women. Sure, there are laws against some of the more extreme violence and degradation, but even those are ignored in many parts of the South and in rural areas pretty much everywhere.

    My suspicion is that religions put women in low status in part because back in the old days, religions survived by having more adherents than other religions, and the easiest way to create “the faithful” was to force women to bear them in childbirth. Hence the prohibitions on adultery (gotta protect that lineage, y’know), homosexuality (lesbians usually don’t/didn’t have kids, and gay men rarely make them) and rights in general (’cause those uppity women might think they could legislate for themselves just as good or better than men could — also the reason why women can’t be Catholic priestesses). And of course, if they control their own sexuality, pretty much all the male domination is out the window.

    That’s part of the reason I work in porn.

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