Dharun Ravi is Going to Jail

Dharun Ravi, the guy who videotaped his roommate hooking up with another guy, (who then committed suicide) is going to jail. (source)

Elie Mystal over at Above the Law had this to say:

Is that how we want our hate crime laws to work? Any time we feel we’re being singled out because of our race, religion, or sexual orientation, we’re victims of a hate crime, even if we’re not being singled out because of our race, religion, or orientation? We’ve moved beyond punishing what is in a person’s heart, and moved straight to punishing an assailant for what’s in his victim’s heart. (source)

Right on, Elie.

8 Responses to Dharun Ravi is Going to Jail

  1. I wish people would write more about this as you have done. This is something that is very important and has been largely overlooked by the internet community

  2. blueollie says:

    This is one of those cases where I “think that the verdict sucks” but I really don’t understand the actual law.

  3. BobN says:

    ONe correction. He didn’t videotape his roommate, i.e, nothing was recorded. It was a brief, live video feed.

  4. DS says:

    But I thought it was an invasion of privacy. Gay or straight, his roommate had an expectation of privacy. It is not legal to record someone without their consent. Whether the recording was a live feed (imo worse because it was instantly disseminated) or a saved recording- it was an invasion of privacy.

  5. as says:

    I agree, this verdict is alarming. btw, will totally try to make your soup sometime!

  6. Emily Anonymous says:

    He deserves it

  7. jess says:

    It make look as though Ravi’s actions made the events that followed inevitable. Maybe they did – and maybe they didn’t. What we do know is that bullying, intimidation and humiliation don’t automatically lead to suicide. If they did, few of us would have survived adolescence – myself included. At best, we can say that Ravi’s spying and subsequent Twitter messages might have triggered Clementi’s suicide, which is different from actually causing his suicide. I may seem to be splitting hairs here but it’s an important point. Let me be clear I hate bullying I think what Ravi did was reprehensible and a violation of personal decency in every sense. He will go through life being labeled a twat and his parents I’m sure are so proud of his heinous behavior. The major point here I think is the invasion of privacy, if in fact there is any expectation of privacy in a dorm room. A single room shared by two people. While one would expect and hope for common decency in honoring a roommate’s privacy I have to wonder how much is really expected in such a setting. As far as Clementi – he made the decision to end his life. As terrible and sad as that is HE made that decision – not Ravi. Who is to say some other event in Clementi’s life wouldn’t have caused the same end result. I generally make it a habit to be unfailingly polite to others – even if they are being assholes at the time, as taking the high road usually always pays off. Nevertheless, I do NOT want our court system shoving the responsibility of someone else’s actions and feelings on me just because they may have taken what I said the wrong way. People need to be accountable for their own decisions and actions. The best way to stop bullying is to shine a bright light on the bully. Rarely do they stand up against a crowd. The reality is that Clementi did have other alternatives to handle this gross breach of his privacy. Shame he didn’t use them.

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