Florida Airport Seeks to Evict the TSA

By J. DeVoy

The Orlando Sanford Airport (not to be confused with Orlando International Airport) is going to try removing the TSA from its security theater and using private security teams in its place.  While the airport would not be exempt from federal regulations and oversights, it may be able to operate without the TSA’s costly involvement.  While new federal legislation enhances the ability of airports to evict the TSA, airports currently cannot unilaterally fire the TSA and operate with private security unless authorized to do so by the DOT.  But, we dare to dream.

It is remarkable that this happened in Floriduh, a swamp as paternalistic as it is backward and meth-addled.  What one hand giveth removing the TSA, the other takes away by arbitrarily prosecuting anything that looks like erotica.  If the Orlando airport’s bid to remove the TSA is successful, I can only think to compare it with a drunken, abusive father punching the 7th grade bully in the mouth, one tyrant subduing another.

5 Responses to Florida Airport Seeks to Evict the TSA

  1. dan says:

    how much do airports pay for the theater in the first place. I’m applauding the action but wondering if someone can make a good business doing security right at an airport.

  2. SteveMT says:

    Good News. Get this TSA trash out of our airports, and defund this miserable federal agency.

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  5. andrews says:

    There is a lot of Florida. While an uninformed viewing of a map may suggest that Polk is not far from Seminole by way of I-4, most locaks will know the difference.

    First, yes, Orlando Sanford is formerly Sanford Regional Airport. That is Seminole, separated from Polk by the nearly impassible obstacles of Orange and Osceola. By impassible I mean you should try driving down I-4.

    Second, though Seminole is far from ideal, is is certainly years ahead of Polk. Gratuitous remarks about justice in Polk omitted here. Suffice it to say that Seminole is close enough to pick up some aura of goodness from the county seat of the next county up.

    Which brings us to the ultimate point: Polk is hardly representative of Florida. It’s representative of Polk. Much of the rest of the state is populated by intelligent people, who make an effort to concentrate the undesirables in identifiable areas like Polk.

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