Rightaven: Downfall

Someone really should make a “Downfall” parody of Righthaven.

As a result of Righthaven losing all its copyrights, Judge Navarro wants to know why she shouldn’t dismiss all the rest of the Righthaven cases on her desk. (source)

7 Responses to Rightaven: Downfall

  1. J DeVoy says:


  2. Jack B. says:

    If someone makes it, Hitler needs to say, “Everyone who reads The Legal Satyricon on a regular basis, please leave the room.”

  3. Andy says:

    Just curious if this( https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/03/court-declares-newspaper-excerpt-online-forum-non-infringing-fair-use )
    makes Marc happy, conceding his point, or sad that there will be fewer Pay days after spanking fools like this around.

    • How will there be fewer pay days?

      • Andy says:

        With it being harder to sue for copyright infringement over these issues, there will be less need for the very good work you do, one would hope; as a result, less fees generated over it.

        Although I’m guessing there will still be Righthavens out there who will chance their arms.

        • If the day came that I could no longer make a living as an attorney because I had vanquished the last ass-hat, I’d be fine finding something else to do for a living.

          I doubt very much that I will ever retire because I can say “my work is done.”

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