Navajo Nation Sues Urban Outfitters for Trademark Infringement

Last week, the Navajo nation sued Urban Outfitters for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition, and a violation of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act for selling products branded as “Navajo” at its stores. The products? “Hipster Panties,” socks, and of all things, a flask. Yes, a flask. Complaint here.

The incredible un-coolness of that just stuns me. Urban Outfitters should know better than to use a Native American tribe’s name on its products without permission. But, to not only misappropriate the Navajo nation’s name, but to put it on a flask? Really? Really?

I’m certainly not the most politically correct guy, and I won’t be winning any sensitivity awards this year. But, you don’t need to be an anthropologist to have a clue about what a toll alcoholism has had on the Native American population. Urban Outfitters are a bunch of dicks. I hope the Navajos kick their ass.

4 Responses to Navajo Nation Sues Urban Outfitters for Trademark Infringement

  1. Kasey says:

    or scalps them, amirite?…. right?…. I’ll just leave now.

  2. MikeZ says:

    I wonder if this is why Target changed their store brand for cheap underwear from Cherokee to something else .

  3. IACB says:

    Now I’m wondering if I’m going run afoul the Indian Arts and Crafts Board.

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