Hung Jury in Ira Isaacs Obscenity Trial!

A Los Angeles jury was asked to put filmmaker Ira Isaacs in prison because the government didn’t like his movies. AVN reports that the trial ended today with a hung jury (source). Sources say the jury was 10-2 to convict.

Here’s a big Legal Satyricon shout out to those two patriotic Americans who upheld the principle that a free society does not imprison its citizens because the government does not like the content of their books, movies, or photographs.

5 Responses to Hung Jury in Ira Isaacs Obscenity Trial!

  1. Dan says:

    I m still shocked and scared by the other 10. 10-2 is way better than a conviction but it still scares me.

  2. Mark Kernes says:

    Well, I can tell you that at least one juror barely looked at the movies as they were being shown, yet she apparently had no problem voting on whether they were obscene “taken as a whole.” I’d say about half of the jurors actually fulfilled their oaths by paying attention to the TV screens most of the time; the rest were hit and miss.

  3. jdgalt says:

    The only reason we have a right to trial by jury is that William Penn’s obscenity trial showed it was necessary, and why.

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