Woman sues school because her roommate got laid too much

A woman is suing Stonehill College in Easton, MA because her roommate had too much sex in the room.

Lindsay Blankmeyer, who says she suffers from depression and attention deficit disorder, is seeking $150,000 from Stonehill, claiming the college violated state and federal laws because housing officials did not give her reasonable alternatives for escaping a bad living situation. (source)

Stonehill is a Catholic institution and the school’s student health insurance does not cover oral contraceptives unless prescribed for a medical purpose other than birth control.

7 Responses to Woman sues school because her roommate got laid too much

  1. Jay Wolman says:

    I’d love to read the complaint. I can imagine a breach of contract type claim–she paid for a Catholic experience and didn’t quite get that. The rest seem like pushing it a bit too far. She always had the right to move away and, per the breach of contract, might have a claim for hotel costs. In that same vein, she failed to mitigate.

    Take responsibility for yourself. Crash on a friend’s floor and get your dorm costs back. Those are your damages.

  2. Justin T. says:

    The attorney who signed his name to this pleading should be disbarred. Or at least publicly humiliated.

  3. Observer says:

    What does the oral contraceptives and Catholic aspect have to do with this story?

    This should be a Brockton Housing Court issue.

  4. blueollie says:

    Actually, I can understand wanting to have a bit of privacy in your own room; having your roomie turn tricks all of the time could get irritating.

    This is a bit like having a roommate who plays the stereo loud all of the time, or something.

    • Norman C. Berns says:

      Aha, you must be a graduate of the Rush Limbaugh School of Journalism. TURN TRICKS? What a lousy attitude toward sex. Demeaning and sexist.

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