Dr. Tina Strobos

This woman was a bona fide bad ass.  

4 Responses to Dr. Tina Strobos

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    She is hundreds of times more of a badass than any of use have any right to claim to be.

  2. Scott Jacobs says:

    Didn’t she loose a Nobel Prize to Al Gore or some shit?

  3. Rogier says:

    I just saw the excellent movie drama “Flame and Citron” yesterday, about the Danish (not Dutch) resistance movement against the nazi occupiers. Still startling to see the brutality of the Herrenvolk, the stunning arrogance of their marching into neighboring countries and taking possessions, lives, freedoms. Though it’s a futile exercise (because I’ll never know for sure), I sometimes imagine who, among the people I know, would join the resistance, who would be passive and afraid, and who would be vile and opportunistic enough to become a nazi collaborator. I don’t think very many would come close to displaying the humanity and bravery of Miep Gies or Tina Strobos. Hats off, ladies. I send you posthumous hugs and a most sincere “Goed gedaan.”

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