Why we need fair use

In this video, the author uses the entirety of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are.” But, Christopher Walken breathes new life into it, and gives it a life of its own. That’s really what fair use is all about.

And no, you fucking hippies, SOPA would not make this illegal.

2 Responses to Why we need fair use

  1. evrenseven says:

    I think most of us understand that SOPA would not make this illegal- but it gives the rights holders the ability to shut down Youtube, WordPress (at least randazza.wordpress.com) and theoretically Gmail because there was a link to you blog in my email *without* any consideration for fair use.

  2. Whether its illegal or not is irrelevant to the SOPA debate. SOPA doesn’t care about legality. What SOPA does is authorize is a shoot first ask questions later without regards of any proper process to determine the legality or the owner of the content in question. And does so by messing with the core infrastructure of the internet. No offense – the last people I want to have more power over how the internet functions are lawyers.

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