Awww…. does somebody need a hug?

11 Responses to Awww…. does somebody need a hug?

  1. Jack Dammit says:

    Yes. But I get to say where and how firmly.

  2. Maybe the ghost of Martin Luther King needs one.

    Wait, did I think that or type that?

  3. blueollie says:

    Depends on who is offering the hug. :)

  4. Scott Jacobs says:

    I would have called back “Can I have your badge number, officer?”

    And then just taken the beating.

    • Scott Jacobs says:

      Seriously though, would the cop’s “reaction” be considered assault?

      But with the video being “in the wild” like it is, I wonder if there isn’t already a lawsuit…

  5. Yep, ask for the badge number! Have done that myself, in San Diego. Cop calmed down faster than you can believe and gave me an apology.

    • Leo M. Mulvihill, Jr. says:

      Last time I asked a cop for his badge number:

      “No, I’m not giving you my badge number.”

      “Well, I’d like to have it. Do I have to file a freedom of information act request to get it?”

      “You’re staring to piss me off.”

      “Officer, may I please have you badge number?”

      “You know what, leave now or I will arrest you for failure to disperse.”

      Serving and Protecting, indeed.

      • Sorry, I am behind on answering comments! :)

        Wow, can’t believe that officer said no! If you get close you should be able to see the number.

        I was pulled over by the highway patrol for speeding, which I wasn’t. I was pretty ticked off cuz for one thing he didn’t stop the roadster that sped by ME in my little Escort. When the roadster passed me I looked at my speedometer as he passed me. The cop pulled me over when I looked up. He then proceeded to tell me, when I got upset that he pulled me over for nothing, that he didn’t want to hear my “f-ing” story.

        I got madder and told him to, “GIVE ME THE TICKET” and he kept asking me if I wanted the ticked and I kept replying, “GIVE ME THE TICKET”. I knew his name would be on it. :) He backed off when I didn’t back off. This was at the time women were getting raped at night in San Diego by a fake police officer, it was all over the news. When we parted, after he apologized, I let HIM know that my brother is also a cop. Just for good measure. (My brother could not have done a thing, but it felt good saying it. just the same.)

  6. Oh, now I get it. The first time I surfed to the post, there was no video. I saw it elsewhere. This cop needs a vacation or something.

  7. El Capitan says:

    According to the site linked below, the video is a fake. It was staged by two WV police officers.


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