Jury Nullification in Montana

Police arrested a Montana man for possession of marijuana.  They couldn’t even seat a jury.  Lets hear it for the residents of that community!

You don’t need to be black to believe that laws mandating racial segregation are wrong.  Similarly, you don’t need to be Tommy Chong to know that laws against simple possession of a plant are stupid, wrong, and deserve no support.  If you’re ever called for jury duty and the charge is possession of marijuana, I hope that you exercise your right to refuse to convict — or at least tell the court during voir dire that you will not do so.  

One Response to Jury Nullification in Montana

  1. Bad Monkey says:

    Regarding his essentially getting off without admitting guilt: 20 years confinement, with 19 suspended.

    A year in jail? Seems a misleading choice of words.

    Given his prior history it seems very likely he’ll do something and get his ass sent to prison to do those 20 for possesing 1/16th of an ounce.

    Would have been better if a jury would have been empaneled and then simply voted to acquit.

    Everyone practice this:
    “I just didn’t believe them when they said they found the drugs there. They looked like they were lying, it was in their eyes.” Might need it when prosecutors decide to start investigating voir dire perjury or obstruction charges.

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