Marco Rubio Called a Traitor by his own Teabag Sycophants

Maybe the teabag contingent isn’t so stupid after all.  Both the left and the right seem to understand that the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the Senate last week, is a horrifying specter.  The Act would “require the military to arrest terrorist suspects in the United States and detain them indefinitely without trial.”  (source)

Of course, 93 senators voted to approve the Act.  (source)  So maybe Rubio isn’t the traitor.  Maybe you are, and America just doesn’t mean what you think it means.  


4 Responses to Marco Rubio Called a Traitor by his own Teabag Sycophants

  1. Charles Platt says:

    The troubling part to me is (a) the lack of coverage of this major rewrite of Bill or Rights in old media and (b) government maneuverings to allow itself the right to cancel the existence of any web site merely on “suspicion” of copyright infraction. We have grown accustomed to receiving important news via the web, which the old media do not report. This privilege can be taken away like any other.

  2. Derek says:

    You keep using this word, “America.” I do not think it means what you think it means, anymore.

  3. Derek,

    I am sad to say that I think you’re right.

  4. booyah says:

    Gooooooooooo Oregon!

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