Fuck the King of Thailand

For the King of Thailand

An American citizen translated a book about the Thai king and posted it on his website. He lands in Thailand and is arrested for lese majeste — insulting the King. (source)

5 Responses to Fuck the King of Thailand

  1. obscureandoblique says:

    Oversimplification here……………their county, their rules.
    Anyone who has served in the military overseas knows that.

    Dude got what he had to know was coming.

    • RobP says:

      So you believe it is acceptable to be arrested in one country for an act legally done in a second country? The arrested man is a dual Thai-U.S. citizen who lives in the U.S. While living in the U.S., he translated an academic work published in the U.S. that happened to be banned in Thailand. Later the arrested man visits Thailand and is arrested for his acts done in the U.S. I assume you would take the same position if the author or publisher happened to be arrested while visiting Thailand.

    • He published his “insult” of the Thai king as an American citizen, living in the United States of America.

  2. pete bevan says:

    Obscure…you have it right. I think the whole situations sucks but, the man knew what he was doing and should assume what goes with it, for all I know maybe he wanted to be a “martryr” for the cause.

  3. Joshua says:

    I believe the key issue is that, acording to the post, he was a duel Thai-US citizen. As a Thai citizen the Thai monarch is his sovereign and he owes loyalty to him. It would be a different issue if this happened to someone not subject to the monarch. I still think it was morally wrong but I think duel citizenship is as well since it is impossible to be loyal to two sovereigns.

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