News Flash Update: Counterfeit Goods Come From China

Guess what? 1,800 cases of  electronic parts from China were sold to the Pentagon for their fancy high-end weapons systems! Neat-O! But made in China? Are we sure that’s safe? Psha- no big deal-people buy stuff made in China all the time.

Aw shucks, did I mention the parts were counterfeit? Source 1. Source 2.

Ask a teenager where to get counterfeit sunglasses and handbags and crap like that and she’ll tell you. Shoot, I can tell you. Go to Chinatown. Any Chinatown. In any city. But it took the  Senate Armed Forced Committee months to figure this one out.

Riddle me this: How come our elected officials only care about counterfeiting when it comes to profit margins of high fashion power houses and finding new and creative ways to treat the USPTO like a cash cow?  How-in-the-name-of-all-that’s-holy did someone not verify if the chips for a fracking missile defense system were the real thing?

I wonder if they got tipped off about this by finding a shiny bomb casing filled with used pin-ball machine parts?

3 Responses to News Flash Update: Counterfeit Goods Come From China

  1. shg says:

    These aren’t counterfeit, but repurposed. It’s good for the environment. And if the government doesn’t like it, it should stop buying missle parts on eBay.

  2. The (tactical) Man Who Waited says:

    “The lawmakers indicated they would push for amendments to the defense bill to limit counterfeit electronics in the supply chain.”

    Oh that will surely help. Why do we suffer these fools in government?

    • Mister DNA says:

      Bonus points if the amendments are named after Arab children who have been killed due to faulty guidance systems in predator drones.

      How can you not support “Mariyah’s Law”? Won’t someone please think of the children?

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