Fisker Cars to be built in Finland, after taking a $529 million U.S. government backed loan

And the imbeciles are not happy.

Fisker says that he could not find a plant in the U.S. to assemble his new flagship vehicle, so he went to Finland to build the car — creating 500 jobs in Finland. (source) Fisker says that once the $97,000 Fisker Karma takes hold, it will help move his plan for a lower cost sedan, which he plans to build in Delaware.

What nobody is yelling about is why he couldn’t find a facility in the United States that was ready to go. We let most of our plants go to pot, our work-force is uneducated and lazy, and it costs more to employ an American than even a Finn — even though you generally pay the Finn a higher salary. Why? Because you don’t need to pay a Finn’s health care costs.

I took a drive through Buffalo, NY with my father-in-law, and he pointed out all of the places where automotive manufacturing plants used to be. An abandoned building here, a burned out complex there, all the places that supported families and funneled parts over to Detroit, its sister-in-pain. The next day, I drove to Toronto. On the way, I saw Ford’s massive, gleaming, modern, facility. Why is it there? Because when you employ a Canadian, chances are you’re not getting some lazy dipshit, and when you pay him $50,000 a year, you’re not also throwing $15,000 on top of that for health care costs.

Thanks Republicans.

4 Responses to Fisker Cars to be built in Finland, after taking a $529 million U.S. government backed loan

  1. shg says:

    Saw the Fisker Karma last Sunday. Cool car.

  2. Scott Jacobs says:

    It’s actually a lot more than 15k, and it isn’t just for Healthcare… In fact, most of it isn’t. The vast majority goes towards FICA and the like, in addition to pension obligations that car companies have been forced to fund because if they don’t the unions get all butthurt.

  3. Charles Platt says:

    The Fisker story doesn’t add up. Japanese and other overseas manufacturers build cars in the US, although they are careful to avoid the kind of pension debacle that was 50% of GM’s undoing (the other 50% being its products). So, it can be done.

  4. Mark Kernes says:

    “Thanks Republicans.”

    Fuckin’ A.

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