Stupid Unamerican Hippies at Occupy Wall Street Protest

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11 Responses to Stupid Unamerican Hippies at Occupy Wall Street Protest

  1. Charles Platt says:

    I remember so clearly, the anti-Vietnam demonstrators being called “unpatriotic” and “anti-American” in 1969.

  2. Roy Warden says:

    I spoke at length with the organizers of the Occupy Tucson Movement, and frankly, I was disappointed at their total lack of intellectual consistancy, and knowledge of how to proceed.

    For example: they are against all “corporations” and yet they must form a non-profit corporation in order to accept tax deductable contributions.

    roy warden

    • Xander Jo says:

      You can’t declare war on rich people for being rich. I’m sure if you really buy into the conspiracy about some opus dei type secret meetings, there’s ways to fight back besides whining like a school girl. Things like this occupy trainwreck start with 5-10 intellectual “true believers” and the rest are just mindless sheep.. oh and vietnam was a horrible war with no clear..anything, this is just stupidy masquerading as self righteousness :P

  3. DOGS THAT BARK says:

    I’m curious if either are vets–especially the 2nd one who was either lying or clueless on GI Bill–saying it only covered his books.

    • What your recruiter tells you, and what it says on the website, are not the same thing as actually getting your GI Bill benefits.

      I’m not going to call the man a liar. Not after the stories I’ve heard from veterans who felt like they got sold a bill of goods, rather than the GI Bill they were promised.

    • Groanan says:

      The GI Bill covered different things for different people,
      The post 9/11 GI Bill didn’t kick in until 2008
      And just because you are entitled to benefits, doesn’t mean anyone tells you that you are, or helps you get them

      No one told me that the VA would cover my medical needs for things not-related to service injuries – or that I had a two year window to get my teeth fixed (the ones I ground into dust likely due to ptsd).

      The post 9/11 GI Bill didn’t kick in until after I got my undergraduate degree and used 36 months of benefits; no one told me (in fact they said the opposite) that I got an extra 12 months.

      Right now I’m blowing my 12 extra months on an LL.M. degree, instead of having that entitlement vanish in 2016, but it has been a constant fight with people who do not know what I should get or how to get it to me.

      So what he is supposed to get, not lining up with what he has been getting or he thinks he should get, makes perfect sense to me.

  4. DOGS THAT BARK says:

    I certainly disagree adamantly with Hannity and think protesting is a valuable right–However my issue was how GI Bill was portrayed- my brother and I attended college on GI bill and when 2nd guy said–it just paid for his books he’s being blatantly dishonest–he also stated he’s working full time job paying off 2 other loans-full time job- yet wearing military cloths??From a vets perspective–he either has no clue about GI Bill or telling a huge fable.IMHO

    • J DeVoy says:

      I don’t have a lot to contribute to this sub-discussion, but the only thing I concretely know about the GI bill is that I’ve seen it result in radically different results for people who seemed to be similarly positioned. For two of my friends in law school, it covered the cost of nearly everything; for two other friends in my same class year, it barely made a dent in their educations (then again, they had families and working spouses, which may have changed the calculations).

      Based on my second-hand knowledge of the GI Bill, I do not think this guy’s experience is representative of everyone, but it certainly is not uncommon. If he named and shamed the school he attended, and it wound up being one of the for-profit schools that aggressively market to veterans, the story would make more sense.

    • He might be. I’m just reluctant to call out a guy in uniform for lying. And, I do know that when I was in the military, my GI Bill would have paid something around $300 a month, had I gotten it. Enough for books. Enough for books and (at that time) even rent. But, not exactly a gravy train.

      You may be right. He may be full of baloney. I’m just not prepared to call him out on it based on what I see here.

  5. Dk says:

    This protest is about the Federal Reserve and inner circular connections with major banks of the world. It’s a system that most of us do not understand due to our bias media, which spends to much time addressing the Kardashian breakup, and Tiger Woods infidelity, and lacks covering the corruption within our own political economic system.
    Put simply the Major banks and other powerful men and women of this world dominate every aspect of the media, financial system etc.(Research if you do not believe me)
    They attend “Bilderberg meetings” or secret meetings in which the elite(media, banks, Federal Reserve, Oil etc) meet in total secret without the involvement of us or the Congress. THey manipulate our economy for the worse intentionally which then hurts us the taxpayer, but benefits their economic status and pockets, while the elite who attended those meetings who run the media share nothing of the corruption to keep you the American “dumbed’ down to what they intentionally are pulling off.
    1 the Mortgage crisis whether you believe it or not was intentional
    (watch Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory “Wallstreet Conspiracy”
    for an easy to understand documentation of what happens all the
    time. THey were sued by our government however no one was
    prosecuted.. Ask yourself this????? If Hank Poulson was the
    CEO of Goldman/Sachs during it’s lawsuit of the intentional
    sabotage and meltdown of the mortgage crisis, why would
    he afterwards be appointed by our president to be the Secretary
    of Treasury of the United States???? You have to get deep into
    the power heads and where they come from to understand this
    “system” which once understood you will support and understand
    the protest.
    2 Most political leaders in high positions came from institutions
    which have been proven to be corrupt and not serving the
    interests of the American people. Hank Poulson once CEO of
    Goldman Sachs now serves as the Secretary or Treasury for the
    United States. Just one example.. but there is many more…
    3 Ron Paul for the longest time tried to get Congress to pass a bill
    that would allow the financial audit of the Federal Reserve. For
    years the Federal Reserve said it would be unnecessary and
    wouldn’t help address the problems with the economic crisis in
    this country. When the bill was finally passed the Federal
    Reserve was indeed audited this year and the discovery was
    that while our economy has been going to s… which it sill is
    the Federal Reserve secretly bailed out banks and Corps, even
    overseas without any consent form Congress!! 16 trillion Dollars was what the had secretly giving out!!!! That was
    our taxpaying money which should of been spent at home. A huge portion of our taking tax paying money was giving to wall street bankers and investors for bonuses as well!!!!!!!
    When Ben Bernanke head of the Federal Reserve was asked
    where our money is he had no answer… It’s absurd!!
    There is a lot more but that its he basic of what is going on.
    Point is everything that happens is done to serve the elite not the people, this is to about anarchy, not against the Jews etc etc. It is a just legitimate movement against the very institutions who are and have been proving to be corrupt.
    We need change..

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