Why Good Cops Should Like Citizens Filming Their Activities

Because sometimes the Cops are right. Not only right, but they show incredible restraint when perhaps even more aggressive responses are appropriate.

Source, Carlos Miller.

4 Responses to Why Good Cops Should Like Citizens Filming Their Activities

  1. blueollie says:

    Take this for what it is worth: some police in this area said that they were concerned with filming because it could
    1. expose some of their informers
    2. make some less likely to talk to police (e. g., others see them talking to police thereby setting them up for retaliation when the police live.

    I don’t know how valid these reasons are.

    • Sean F. says:

      I doubt if informers meet face to face very often anymore. Not when texting/e-mail is so much faster and easier. Hell, you could even have a dedicated twitter and tweet in code.

      Also, I’d bet that cops would be undercover for most things of that nature.

      • Gene Malkin says:

        Let me understand what you’re saying.

        You think police informants shouldn’t meet face to face and should use easily intercepted forms of communication.

        Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

      • Walt K says:

        Yes, but I read number 2 to be more about police talking to people on scene after an incident. I could see a situation where police are trying to question people after something like this happened and having people reluctant to answer their questions because there are several people standing there filming it all. I don’t know if that happens, but it makes some sense.

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