Move over, Coca-Cola. Hooters Restaurant (of bodacious tatas and BBQ wings fame) is suing some restaurant group called La Cima for theft of their trade secrets. La Cima wants to open up a bunch of boobie restaurants of their own called Twin Peaks. Source.

Apparently, Hooters’ former Vice President of Ops bailed to go be the CEO of La Cima Restaurants and (allegedly) took with him a bunch of sales, recruiting, and other stuff from Hooters.  Now La Cima is aggressively expanding into the casual dining industry featuring…boobies!  I doubt hiring cute girls and putting them in next to nothing counts as a trade secret.  In all honesty,  the case is probably more about hiring practices, marketing techniques, and other boring stuff like that but meh…boobies!

3 Responses to Boobies!

  1. G Thompson says:

    If their “trade secret” is to show boobies, wouldn’t playboy be prior art?

    hmmm. I must go check this ‘art’

    Then again if the place is to be called “Twin Peaks” lets hope the boobies are not “wrapped in plastic” HA!

  2. Beth Hutchens says:

    I dunno… does the Playboy Club serve shitty wings? I suppose it might be prior art if Hooters was trying to patent a method for generating revenue comprising the steps of: 1) Finding a young woman with large knockers; 2) putting her in shorts and a T-shirt to sizes too small to accentuate said knockers; 3)????? 4) profit.


  3. peter says:

    “……the case is probably more about hiring practices, marketing techniques….”

    Trade Secret No 1 – Hiring practice.
    a. put t-shirt on. b. put shorts on. c. Hubba hubba. d. Hired.

    Trade Secret no 2. – marketing techniques.
    a. put girls in shorts and t-shirts. b. parade girls in public locations. c. Hubba hubba. d. press coverage.

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