In Defense of Doctor Who

By J. DeVoy

At The Spearhead, I have a new post about The Doctor.

If you have not watched this season of Dr. Who, which concluded on Saturday, cancel all of your plans for this coming weekend and buy a season pass on iTunes or Amazon.  I powered through about two-thirds of the latest season this weekend, courtesy of crippling sinus pressure (my body had forgotten what it was like to actually experience weather).  Steven Moffat – the show’s main writer – is a genius, and I wish my legal writing could embrace the kind of dizzying forays into a million different directions that Dr. Who travels under his tenure, only to resolve with a crushingly obvious and brilliant conclusion.

3 Responses to In Defense of Doctor Who

  1. G Thompson says:

    Having been a fan of Doctor Who since John Pertwee was scaring me from behind the couch (I eventually found my way to sitting on the couch watched it when it went to colour [Tom Baker] though admittedly my fingers were over my face), Doctor Who has been an integral part of my childhood and now watching it with my 16yr old daughter who has now been watching since the 9th incarnation, it still does not ever disappoint and actually gets better and better. It is a weekend ritual of watching the episode, then confidential (making of) then discussing the humour, the canon, and then both admitting that Stephen Moffat is an absolute evil genius who not only is a Troll extraordinaare but must have an absolute hate of someone called Rory. muwahahaha

    Hopefully it will still be amazing, scaring, dazzling, and making us think of what it means to be ethical and human when my grandchildren are around.

    Then again, let me duck into this Tardis I made out of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff (ok its just custard and fish fingers inside a Fez tied with a bow-tie, scarf and celery stick) and I’ll go and find out.

  2. Danno says:

    I remember a Richard Pryor joke where he said that “Freebasing was expensive because it wasn’t free but cost you your home. It should be called ‘homebasing’ instead.”

    Ep 1 was cool, Ep 2 was AWESOME!



    PS: The Amazon service is great.

  3. Derek says:

    When I saw this, the first thing I thought was, “Why would anyone need to defend Dr. Who? The show is beyond amazing.” Trixy hobbitses, with your sneaky post titles…


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