S.C. Public School Invites Christian Rapper to Perform

I understand why people want the government and the public schools to back up their religion. Here you have a bastardization of a 2000 years old cult. It is based upon lies, fairy tales, and superstition. How else are you going to perpetuate this set of beliefs without brainwashing impressionable young kids with it, or getting the government to stamp its seal of approval on it?

If christianity is such a good idea, it ought to sell itself without this blatantly unconstitutional foolishness.

H/T Death and Taxes

One Response to S.C. Public School Invites Christian Rapper to Perform

  1. Someone should make a porno with a soundtrack of B-Shoc covers, then send him his royalty checks. Compulsory licensing would bypass the copyright issues (I think), but as publisher he’d still be owed royalties, right?


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