By the time I get to Arizona….

Tucson Mayor, Bob Walkup, decided that when citizens petition the Tucson Mayor, they must do so “with respect,” or they should be silenced. Who decides what is “respectful?” Mayor Walkup, of course.

Tucson resident Roy Warden apparently crossed that line. (source) Now he plans to sue the City for violating his First Amendment rights. The Tucson City Attorney reportedly told the Mayor that the policy was permissible under the First Amendment. Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik doesn’t seem convinced.

“I have asked Mike Rankin the city attorney to justify to us the language that we have– that it is not overly broad– and the court won’t come in and say, ‘You know what, a reasonable could not interrupt that,'” said Kozachik.(source)

If City Attorney Rankin really did tell the Mayor that this policy of his is constitutionally permissible, he should be forced to attend a remedial class on constitutional law. I get a feeling that Mr. Warden is going to give him one.

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  2. salam says:

    funny, I interned with him before law school, I didnt realize he was such a d-bag

  3. andrews says:

    I still think we need more facts. If the ejection was because of the content of the speech, yeah, the city gets slapped. Knowing what we do of Arizona, that will surprise approximately 2 people: the mayor and the city atty.

    On the other hand, if he was really disruptive, the ejection was probably correct. So far, no facts to support the city, but scant facts to support the citizen as well.

    I’m guessing that his atty will have more information over time.

  4. Roy Warden says:

    Here is all anyone has to do: Google “Warden v Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup,” then read the lawsuit and the Statement of Facts.

    At the end of the suit are three exhibits, which include all Warden commentary during the three council sessions at issue.

    Then, Please tell me: What do YOU find so vile?


  5. Roy Warden says:

    Dear Satyriconistas:

    I just read your bio. I didn’t realize You Guys were constitutional lawyers.

    My suit gets filed next week; I sitll await the Court to confirm my In Forma Pauperis status.

    The “online” version of the suit is hard to read as it loads slowly. If you like I’ll email you a copy which will be easier to read.

    Can you please read the suit and give me any brutal commentary you care to give? I need to learn.

    Yours truly,


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