Has Chief Justice John Roberts been reading this blog?

By J. DeVoy

“Pick up a copy of any law review that you see, and the first article is likely to be, you know, the influence of Immanuel Kant on evidentiary approaches in 18th Century Bulgaria, or something, which I’m sure was of great interest to the academic that wrote it, but isn’t of much help to the bar.”
Chief Justice John Roberts

“Most [law professors] are incapable of working as my copy boy / copy girl, let alone as real attorneys. What would they do if all of a sudden, the fourth tier was shut down (as it should be) and then the competition for all lawprof jobs got a lot more stiff? You can bet your ass that professors who teach ‘critical crybaby studies and vegetarianism’ would be where they belong, cleaning toilets.”
Marc Randazza

5 Responses to Has Chief Justice John Roberts been reading this blog?

  1. siouxsiel says:

    He’s totally busted.

  2. Mike O says:

    Hey Marc just wanted to say I think you’re a total scumbag and an embarrassment to your profession. Have a great day!

  3. Mike O says:

    Well thats my real name and last name initial so I’m not totally anonymous…..and I wasn’t trolling in the least as I wasn’t intending to start anything but I did, nonetheless, expect the scumbag to take it as a compliment.
    Was really just curious if it would get posted.

  4. Ron Coleman says:

    I was going to say something about the post, but wonder if this thread is already dead and buried?

    If it is not, this is what I am saying: Yeah, well.

    By which I mean, look, I have mentioned this a couple of times: I think it’s remarkable just how few law prof blogs ever, ever refer to what the people whose work makes the law they drone on about have to say.

    In my area the one notable exception is Eric Goldman. And I don’t mean they merely don’t link or refer to anything I write; who would? I’m not like an intellectual or something or working on any leading-edge cases. But they don’t like to any IP blogs written by actual lawyers.

    Do you think any of them believe anyone but other professors reads law review articles? Answer: Of course they don’t — but why would they care either way?

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