Lake County, FL instituting inartfully drafted student dress code

By J. DeVoy

In a wise response to budget cuts and other crises facing Florida’s public schools, Lake County’s School Board has set the stage to impose a dress code that bans “unnatural” hair colors, “extreme” hair cuts, and the use of makeup that is “disruptive or does not allow direct eye contact.”  I don’t see how makeup precludes eye contact, either, though it maybe disruptive – it would make more sense if that provision applied to hair; maybe Lake County was banning the devilock a few decades too late.

The proposed code also sets rules for dress hemlines, skorts, skirts and shorts, none of which can be more than 2 inches above the knee.  Since students and/or parents are incapable of determining these things on their own, too, the propose policy gives instruction on the proper use of clothing, advising that “clothes shall be worn as designed.”

Mendacious as educators and school administrators often are (or maybe my perceptions are skewed from Catholic education), the new policy is aimed at banning “extreme” styles because they can be “dangerous.”  Maybe the policy cites instances of increased fighting among groups of students identified chiefly by their clothing, or details specific risks of, say, falling down the stairs in saggy pants or with a haircut that obstructs one’s line of sight.  Then again, this is Florida, and I doubt any such stated rationale exists.  But never mind that: Won’t someone think of the children?  We don’t think about the children enough in this ruined hellscape of a country.

The Lake County School Board will have a final vote on the policy August 22 – the day the policy is supposed to take effect.

6 Responses to Lake County, FL instituting inartfully drafted student dress code

  1. John says:

    I wonder if the School Board has considered those cute, gray Mao suits that used to be so popular back during the Cultural Revolution? They were cheap, no open to mis-wearing, and looked great with unisex bowl haircuts!

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  3. Kelley Samantha says:

    As a former educator in rural suburban community, I know that fashion is the language of real, criminal gangs. Without expressly admitting this, school administrations often try to crack down on gang activity through dress code mandates. Probably doesn’t work, but they don’t have much to work with.

    • Skip says:

      Yea, cause anyone who’s been to Tavares (Lake Co county seat) knows its a Mecca of gang activity. ;)

  4. Bolt says:

    With the start of the fall sports seasons, my questions involves football’s fohawks, baseball’s Selleck-stache, and basketball’s Eminem hair unity. Will these unifying movements be tolerated or outlawed? Will high school coaches tread on thin ice at a chance for a winning season?

    I hope so. The next thing Florida will likely mandate is only Old Navy gear. Who could complain then?!?

  5. Disa Pearce says:

    Do you think they will mind if I send my kids to school wearing Ron Paul 2012 t-shirts? :-P

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