It is a shame that we are not Norwegian

Despite the horrible tragedy in Norway, it seems that Norwegian politicians are not rushing out to pass new laws to restrict liberties in that country. In fact, instead of dick-waving and “oh goody, now we get to pass a Nordic Patriot Act,” this is what the Norwegian King had to say:

“I remain convinced that the belief in freedom is stronger than fear. I remain convinced in the belief of an open Norwegian democracy and society. I remain convinced in the belief in our ability to live freely and safely in our own country.” (source)

Pretty sad when a monarchy understands liberty better than our so-called republic.

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  1. onanyes says:

    That may be Norway but I am pushing for a law in the US that says that any white Christian walking within 100 yards of a group of 20 or more kids must be subject to a TSA type pat-down.

    In fact, I am writing to my Representative right now!

  2. Trish says:

    Onanyes, you are probably only half kidding and I agree with you. Seize the opportunity to create fear and anxiety among most of the people while our leaders jump at the chance to attack other nations. Watch all the ‘right-wing’ radical articles that will come out about Norway and Europe now.

  3. Darren says:

    Kinda sounds like something one of our Presidents would say, with our Congress nodding furiously. Congress would cave, of course, after about three hours of Helen Lovejoy-style concern.

  4. siouxsielaw says:

    Well said. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that the shooter wasn’t goth. I’ll admit I got a little worried when I read about his love of WOW.

  5. will a says:

    Mark, you can’t seriously believe that statement if you had any sense of the political realities of Norway or western europe. Stick to free speach in the US as that is your specialty, otherwise you’ll get stung by remarks like this from Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s Prime Minister, who didn’t single out anyone but seemed to be referring to sometimes harsh discussions on immigration when he told Parliament that the July 22 attacks gave reason to reflect on “what we have thought, said and written.”

    “We all have something to learn from the tragedy,” he told lawmakers at a ceremony honouring the victims. “We can all have a need to say ‘I was wrong,’ and be respected for it.”

    That goes for politicians and newsroom editors, in everyday conversations and on the internet, the prime minister said.

    “Our promise is that we take with us the spirit of July 22 when political work resumes. We will behave with the same wisdom and respect as the Norwegian people,” Stoltenberg said.

    ****Norway’s political parties have agreed to postpone campaigning for local elections in September until mid-August, as the nation mourns.****

    How is that for free political speach?

  6. will a says:

    More examples of Nordic Free Speech: Muslim Riots in Sweden will not be Televised.

    News corporations, controlled by cultural Marxists/multiculturalists, full scale
    war against cultural conservatism/nationalism.
    This involves thousands of examples of character assassinations (everything from a
    hatchet job on a Bruce Bawer book portraying him as a “foam-around-mouth-racist to
    ignoring other essential works completely) and other direct attacks and deliberate
    “media blackouts” regarding Muslim riots (and other issues they do not wish to cover) in
    Western Europe.
    On September 14th, 2009, a person I am familiar with was contacted by a friend who
    works for a major Norwegian news agency. He told him about something terrifying and
    upsetting he had been witness to regarding the coverage of the Gøteborg intifada
    (Muslim Riots in Gøteborg, Sweden during Ramadan in August/September). According to
    him, all major news agencies in Norway (in cooperation with the largest Swedish news
    agency) had made an alliance in order to prevent the truth from getting out, or at least
    keep the truth from getting out for as long as possible and at least until after the
    Norwegian elections September 13th.
    His exact words were;
    “It is a dangerous road we are walking when the truth is systematically held back and when
    we are willing to go this far in order to cover up the consequences of the multicultural
    society. This has been allowed to develop to a degree where it is a democratical problem. “
    It is really disturbing how the major news agencies managed to reach a consensus
    regarding this deliberate cover-up or “media blackout” with the intention of censoring the
    riots. How was it possible that we would end up with a synchronised media corps which is
    willing to go this far to hold back the truth from the Norwegian/Swedish people about
    something so important?
    The following log describes how this transpired:
    August 21/22nd – reports are received in major news desks regarding Muslim riots in
    Gøteborg, Sweden. An article is created in one agency but the chief editor decides not to
    publish it.
    August 22nd – a manifest of Jihad is posted in Rosengård, Sweden, Norwegian media
    companies are informed about this on the 23rd. It is clear now to many of the chief
    editors in the major Norwegian news agencies that this indicates that the rioting will
    continue and that it is indeed news worthy. However, most of them assume (hope) the
    riots will end within a week at most.
    August 23rd – Early in the morning, the chief editor in Aftenposten, Hilde Haugsgjerd
    was contacted by Jan Helin in the major Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet where she is
    asked to keep a lid on the story and/or at least write as little as possible about the riots.
    She is told to inform other Norwegian chief editors. It is unknown what else was
    After this phone call with Jan Heling, Hilde Haugsgjerd calls the chief editor in Dagbladet,
    Anne Aasheim where they agree that this is a story which could significantly benefit the
    Norwegian Progress Party (FrP, the only anti-immigration party) as it would put
    immigration/asylum seeker/Islam related discussions on the agenda just before the
    elections. This must be prevented at all costs. They agree to contact chief editors in all
    major Norwegian news agencies and hold a teleconference where they discuss this issue
    later that day (it should be noted that ALL Norwegian news agencies are supporters of
    multiculturalism with many of its key personnel with political Marxist/pro-multiculturalist
    background). According to the source, it has been confirmed that the following
    individuals participated in the teleconference:
    Editor of VG Nett: Espen Egil Hansen (on behalf of Bernt Olufsen), Hans-Tore Bjerkaas
    (editor in NRK), Carsten Bleness (editor in Dagsavisen), Jan Ove Årsæther (editor in
    TV2), Hilde Haugsgjerd (Aftenposten) and Anne Aasheim (Dagbladet).
    According to the source, there was a tense mood among the participants. Espen Egil
    Hansen and Jan Ove Årsæther suggested to give the story ”some” coverage so that there
    would be no speculations concerning the fact that Norwegian news agencies had
    censored the riots if they lasted longer than expected. They drew parallels to the Paris
    riots and discussed that it could escalate. According to the source, Anne Aasheim raged
    at Espen Egil Hansen and Jan Over Årsæther and accused them of promoting racism and
    helping the Progress Party election apparatus (FrP) by wanting to cover the riots.
    They all agreed in the end that the most pragmatical approach was to not cover the riots
    at all and to inform other editors in different news agencies to deliberately ignore it as
    August 28th – two murder attempts on Swedish police officers and multiple arsons of
    cars and buildings results in a situation where the major Swedish news agencies are
    “forced” to cover the riots to a certain degree. As before, it is decided that the word:
    “Islam”, “Muslim”, “Jihad” or “intifada” shall not be included in any articles or reports
    (this is a common consensus among European MSM in general).
    An increasing amount of tips (and demands from individuals to cover the events) pours in
    to the Norwegian news desks but still they all refuse to cover it (only 1-2 weeks until the
    Norwegian elections).
    6-8 September – They manage to maintain censorship until around September 6-8th.
    After that, reports are starting to be published on independent blogs and these events
    are being distributed on the internet. Many individuals on online forums are demanding
    that the MSM cover the events and they are calling it an outrage and un-democratic
    behaviour. The pressure increases on the news agencies.
    At this point, Hilde Haugsgjerd starts to doubt whether it is too risky to continue the
    media blackout. She is starting to experience increased pressure from her own staff
    (Aftenposten used to be a cultural conservative news paper up to 1972, when it was
    infiltrated by cultural Marxists, and is still regarded as the most conservative of the MSM
    news agencies). After a few phone calls back and forth among the editors during this
    time the issue is discussed again and they are evaluating the possibility to end the
    censorship. However, they all agree to continue with the media blackout.
    September 13th (1 day before the Norwegian election) – Hilde Haugsgjerd makes a call
    to Anne Aasheim and tells her that she is going to publish a short article about the riots,
    but that she will make it moderate (scaled down) and will ensure that the article is not
    highlighted. This decision is made to create a sort of alibi so that conservatives cannot
    claim that Aftenposten is deliberately plotting against the Norwegian people by
    participating in non-democratic activities (deliberate media blackouts). At this point there
    are loud discussion on various forums and blogs about the MSMs “full scale war” against
    the Progress Party (FrP).
    Some of the explanations used to conservatives who have demanded coverage in this
    period (regarding the Swedish, British, French riots) include:
    – NRK: Three different explanations: “Not newsworthy” and “we haven’t heard anything
    about this” and “the decision to cover this story is under consideration”.
    – TV2: “We haven’t heard anything about this”
    – Aftenposten: “Our reporter (who was about to cover this) is sick, we will cover it shortly”
    September 14th – Norwegian elections – Progress Party result: 22,9% (down 6-8
    percentage points from earlier polls due to intensive media attacks from a synchronised
    news corps for eight weeks straight.
    September 20th – NRK, the Norwegian state channel, is now (after 6 weeks!) running a
    television broadcasted story about the intifada in Gøteborg, Sweden, one week after the
    All major news agencies in Norway deliberately conspired (and continue to conspire)
    against the Norwegian people and sabotaged the 2009 election by initiating media
    blackouts of essential events (the Muslim intifada in Gøteborg, the Muslim riots in several
    places in the UK and the Muslim riots in France a couple of months earlier). Not only did
    they “rob” the the Progress Party of essential coverage which would have guaranteed the
    party at least 28-30% of the votes (if these events had been given the appropriate
    coverage and attention). Every single news agency (some of which had been neutral
    towards the Progress Party in many cases) synchronised a “full scale media/labeling war”
    (employing primarily scare tactics and various other attacks) against the Progress Party
    eight weeks before the election. At this time the Progress Party was at 28-30% on
    multiple polls and I guess the MSM panicked (as the following 8 weeks of synchronised
    war campaign indicates).
    At the end of the day, they, the major news agencies succeeded in sabotaging the
    election again and ruining the FrP turnout. FrP bled during this media war campaign and
    lost 6-8 percentage points, ending on 22,9%.
    The almighty Norwegian/Swedish cultural Marxist media corps significantly manipulated
    the Norwegian election and the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist government (consisting of
    the Labour Party, Socialist Left Party and Center Party) were allowed to continue their old
    path of mass-Muslim immigration (colonisation) and Islamisation of Norway.
    These types of un-democratic media strategies are not limited to Norway/Sweden but are
    prevalent in all Western European countries. France is a very good example where media
    blackouts are increasingly common (even by ministerial instruction).
    There is no such thing as a “free press” in Western Europe and there haven’t been since
    the last cultural conservative (critical of multiculturalism) news agencies where infiltrated
    during the 1970s. A majority of Western European countries do not have a single cultural
    conservative news agency left which is contributing to paralyze our democracies by
    making them dysfunctional. This again contributes to radicalise moderate cultural
    conservative forces because an increasing number of people feel that we are now living
    in a repressive totalitarian cultural Marxist/multiculturalist state.
    There is no democracy in Western Europe, and Norway and Sweden are two of the
    world’s most repressive Marxist regimes.

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