Barack Obama lies about his dead mother

By J. DeVoy

Ann Althouse has the story.  In short, the moving tale Obama regularly recounts about his mother’s tragic battle with insurance companies – which was relied on heavily by the White House in pushing health care reform – is false.

The story begins in May, but is just breaking now because the New York Times has had such a hard time getting the executive branch to comment on it.  But can you blame them?

6 Responses to Barack Obama lies about his dead mother

  1. blueollie says:

    Oh, he got that wrong evidently. But honestly misremembering something “off the cuff” is different than saying, say, that one actually liberated concentration camps when in fact one had not even left the United States. :)

  2. Dan says:

    actually both could be correct. Cigna could have reimbursed after only asking a few questions but to someone in the middle of dying even a few questions could have felt like an insurmoutable barrier. We all know that nobody (nobody) pays anything other than a standard form-based dental claim without asking any questions and we all know how expensive medical claims are absent insurance. Unless Cigna was absolutely angelic in their treatment of Obama’s mom (or clairvoyant and knew he would be president one day) it is inconceivable that they signed a blank check. Lies? hmmmmm…probably not even misremembered. Now if it had been about reimbursing his mom for medical bills in Africa during his birth it would be a different story….

  3. […] course, some right wingers have pounced on this claim as evidence that Obama “lied” and this lying was somehow related to pushing for a policy that we didn’t need (see the link […]

  4. DOGS THAT BARK says:

    Lets see -O was attorney and had access to attorney’s in related field–it was at time of epic proportions relating to monumental item- buuuut
    –he somehow “misremembers” yet repeats his “story” numerous times.
    It never ceases to amaze me at what lengths people will go to to try and rationalize what they want to believe :)

    • blueollie says:

      His mom was fighting with an insurance company; it was not the health insurance one but rather the disability one. Source:

      No, I don’t think that a lie was likely or even necessary; just google the topic “health insurance rescission”.

  5. Scott Jacobs says:

    President Obama lied about something to make his side seem better?

    What ever has this world come to?

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