And the inevitable happens…

Some dipshit insists upon passing “Caylee’s Law.”

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas state Sen. Chris Harris says he will introduce a new law to make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not report a missing child.(source)

You know, because there is just a rampant problem with parents finding their kids dead and then not telling anyone. Seriously, if there is a parent out there whose kid went missing, do you really think that fear of prosecution is going to change their behavior? If my kids were missing for 5 minutes, I’d be screaming at every cop, FBI agent, and underworld mob figure I could contact, demanding that they find them. But, I suppose I qualify as a decent parent. On the other hand, if some parent out there doesn’t give a shit if their kid is missing, do you think they’re going to say “well, I would just sit here and suck on my crack pipe, but I don’t want to get in trouble. I guess I’ll call the police and report my kid missing… then I’ll smoke some more crack.”

Can we please pass “Marco’s Law?” If any legislator proposes a law named after a dead child, the legislator should lose their position, then they should be dragged out into the street, and someone should shove a live cactus up their ass.

4 Responses to And the inevitable happens…

  1. Jim says:

    Can’t wait for this to be abused. Let your teenage kid go camping with friends does not show up exactly on time so now you have to call the police because he got stuck in traffic and his phone died. Or you do buisness in South America so have K&R insurance and decide to let them handle a kidnapping.

  2. trin says:

    what a cruel thing to do to a cactus…

    just thinking of all the instances of “Susie went to her friend’s house rather than straight home after school, didn’t ask permission & mom/dad didn’t realize this till they got home…”

    the thing that made the Caylee case SO shocking to so many, is that the “missing but not reported” is such a RARE thing.

  3. John says:

    Yeah, I was a bit worried about abuse of cactus there. I dead and dried out Euphorbia would be a better choice. But only after said politician was tarred, feathered, and attached to Nancy Grace with vinyl B&D wear.

  4. MikeZ says:

    Not to mention that it would now be mandatory to wake up every hour every night long to check to see if your kid is still breathing, lest you fail to report their death within an hour. Personally I really enjoy my sleep now that both my kids are sleeping through the night.

    This law really seems to have forgotten about the 5th amendment anyway.

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