Nancy Grace: “Devil is dancing” over Casey Anthony verdict.

By J. DeVoy

Nancy Grace, who was reprimanded several times by the Georgia courts during her tenure as a prosecutor, says that the Devil is dancing after the jury in Casey Anthony’s case returned verdicts of not guilty on all charges but those where Anthony was accused of making false statements.

If true, I suspect Satan was going all out with dubstep.

4 Responses to Nancy Grace: “Devil is dancing” over Casey Anthony verdict.

  1. Mike says:

    Do any of these people sincerely believe in Jesus? Because the Bible says God rather than Grace will make everything right.

    • sue says:

      I do not know if Nancy Grace proclaims herself as Christian or not; however, she is worse than those teachers of the law and the Pharisees in the Bible, John 8:1-11.
      Her words manifest Satan, the accuser. She has no “Grace” at all. Nancy the Devil is more fitting to her character and her mouth.

  2. Justin T. says:

    I guess if you’re dumb enough to believe in the Devil in the first place, you’re dumb enough to believe that some random lady’s trial is going to affect him. But then again this wasn’t about how dumb Nancy Grace is, because otherwise it would’ve been a much longer post.

  3. sue says:

    Nancy Grace is thirsting for blood; she is pure evil. Nancy Grace is a very dangerous commentator; she should not be on TV or Her bitterness (perhaps form her fiancé’s death) has turned her to be as bad as a vampire (vampire in sheep cloth).

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