And, speaking of the devil…

By J. DeVoy

One of Iceland’s largest and most active volcanos, dubbed the “Gateway to Hell” in the Middle Ages, is ready to erupt again.  Significance: Europe, in the spasms of late-stage collapse and debt crisis, will be adversely affected by any travel disruptions caused by a violent eruption.  With many countries on the brink, and Germany bailing out virtually all of them, any disruption of tourism and commerce is a disruption too much.

To help with the visual, here’s a recent dust storm in Phoenix, in which the city is engulfed by a 5,000 foot tall wall of sand.

One Response to And, speaking of the devil…

  1. ChadKnowslaw says:

    Ha! Love the use of Phoenix’s recent haboob to visualize the end of the world :-)
    Chad, Phoenix, Arizona

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