Osama Bin Laden is Dead — but He Won the War

So says Rogier Van Bakel (and he’s dead right).

Look, I trust that Osama Bin Laden’s death was horrible and bloody and painful (albeit not nearly drawn-out enough), and I hope that I will never eat a fish or a crustacean that contains even one molecule of that vile, mass-murdering thug — my stomach might not be able to take it.

But the maddening truth is, yes, he won. He turned my America — our America, surely — into a nation of mewling pussies who insist that Big Brother must keep us all safe no matter what the cost to our liberties and to our wallets. I’d call that an unqualified victory. Bin Laden and his nineteen 9/11 henchmen even got the U.S. government to be their eager abettor. With one day of pandemonium, ten years ago, he and his ragtag band of sub-human scum burrowed so deep into the American psyche that we screeched for protection, and collectively gave up our virtue like a ten-dollar whore. (source)

12 Responses to Osama Bin Laden is Dead — but He Won the War

  1. stophatin says:

    he wanted a long term effect, his people are on the brink of extinction. fear will dissipate as soon as the war is over -i dont think he won.

  2. blueollie says:

    I wish that I could disagree, but I can’t.

  3. […] On a related note (civil liberties), Randazza notes that while we killed Bin Laden, we also killed many of our civil rights under the guise of “keeping ourselves safe”; so in some sense, Bin Laden won. […]

  4. Charles Platt says:

    I don’t think Bin Laden won anything. He wanted the West to get out of moslem nations and leave them alone. Au contraire, the West is more involved than ever before. Nobody won, except for a handful of repulsive people who enjoy exercising power, fear nonwhite people, and want to get themselves re-elected. They’re doing quite well, here, at the expense of everything else.

  5. SeanD says:

    We were well on our way toward mewling pussydom long before 9/11 – I recall polls in the late eighties that showed large percentages of our brethren willing to “do whatever it takes” to win the War on Drugs. Crime rates have been dropping for years and yet people are more fearful than ever (anybody raising kids now knows this – remember playing outside w/o supervision all day?)- fear rules the day and is an excellent way to exert control. If not Bin Laden then something else…

  6. Burt Likko says:

    Bin Laden didn’t win. His objective was to rally the Muslim peoples of the world to form a new Caliphate (with himself as Caliph of course). The USA was his catspaw, the evo; dragon against whom the Arab and Muslim peoples of the world would need to unite.

    This did not happen. He failed to achieve his objective. Ergo, he did not win.

    That along the way the USA reinvented itself as a nation of submissive pussies, afraid of shadows and willing — nay, eager — to relinquish our liberties for the illusion of physical safety and our morals for the evanescent thrills of racism and revenge, may have caused him some joy but probably not since we were always just the foil and not the objective.

  7. Sean F says:

    If by “America” he means uninformed, falsly patriotic, good-for-nothing baby boomers then I totally agree.

  8. Mark Kernes says:

    I’d agree, with one caveat: Rather than Americans actually having become “a nation of mewling pussies” etc., I’d focus on the intentions of those who enacted into law such unconstitutional measures as the USA PATRIOT Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, etc., who did so NOT because Americans wanted to be “Big Brothered” but because the proto-totalitarians in the federal legislature and presidency simply wanted more power over those Americans and saw “terrorism” as a great excuse to seize it. Yes, many (maybe most) Americans may be politically stupid and easily led, but legislators are supposed to know better. After all, they ignore the “proles” on the subjects of taxing the rich and delivering adequate healthcare; why couldn’t they ignore them when they called for more surveillance to “stop terrorism”?

  9. Darren says:

    You know that scene in Porky’s where Mickey comes driving back to the party and he’s beat half to death and proudly declares that everyone should see what he did to the OTHER guy? Osama may have gotten our tooth but we still have plenty of whores up in Porky’s Pen and he’s a long way from tearing the whole bar down.

    • ron phillips says:

      Um, maybe so, but the Beulah Balbrickers behind the Patriot Act have yanked our civil liberties right through the hole in the shower and I don’t think they’re letting go any time soon (major kudos for the metaphor though!)

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