Peter Murphy should have stayed in retirement

I owned every Bauhaus album on vinyl back in the 1980s. I am the target demographic for his new album. However, this interview guarantees that I wouldn’t buy his warmed over dreck.

“I’m not ashamed to claim that I’m the last and only star,” says Murphy, now 53, speaking by phone from his adopted home of Istanbul, Turkey. “I totally believe that. That’s how I live my life. People should witness it while I’m still gorgeous enough.” (source)

Jesus, what an asshat.

If that doesn’t turn you off, the sample from the album ought to make you barf.

3 Responses to Peter Murphy should have stayed in retirement

  1. siouxsielaw says:

    You forgot to mention his cameo in the Twilight movie. I guess I am more of a David J kind of gal.

    • H.A.Eugene says:

      I, too, favor David J. “Hoagy Carmichael Never Went to New Orleans” is a very beautiful song.

      Peter Murphy leaves me numb at times.

  2. J DeVoy says:

    Bauhaus was pretty impressive on Nine Inch Nails’ 2006 summer tour, though, and Murphy himself was lively when I saw him and Reznor cover Pere Ubu’s “Final Solution”

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