You imbecile

That’s really all I can say as I read this story about Righthaven.

4 Responses to You imbecile

  1. Chris says:

    I would add that Righthaven’s counsel has admitted to a violation (if not hundreds) of Rule 11, in that he failed to conduct the “inquiry reasonable under the circumstances” to confirm that his factual allegations have evidentiary support.

    They’re running a mill, and he admitted that the mill lacks the required safeguards.

  2. jfischer1975 says:

    I hope that Conde Nast has the stones to send their legal bill to those fuckers — even if it’s only $100.

  3. Dead Julius says:

    Funny… “You imbecile” is also what came to my mind as I read this story about Corbin Fischer.

    You’re not still General Counsel for those idiots, are you, Randazza?

    I fail to see how Corbin Fischer is not as nefarious as Righthaven.

  4. Yes, I am their attorney – and I agree that “You imbecile” went through my mind as I read Masnick’s piece. Too bad that Mike doesn’t do his homework, eh?

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