Potassium Iodide, anyone?

For those of you running out to buy potassium iodide, you may want to review this chart while you consider the health risks of eating that stuff.

4 Responses to Potassium Iodide, anyone?

  1. evrenseven says:

    No, Marc! Anyone dumb enough to stuff their face full of Potassium Iodide because of a partial meltdown 7000 miles away deserves whatever they get.

  2. vaughnmgreenwalt says:

    The sad thing is the specific type of radiation that potassium iodide protects against wont even make it here- its heavy and it falls quickly.

    The negligible amounts of other radiation that could make it here – potassium iodide does nothing against. BUT lets all listen to the surgeon general and go buy some right away!

  3. Mike says:

    Imagining obese Americans cramming iodide pills in between bites of fried lard amuses me.

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