Well that figures

I was just chuckling at myself, for being such a moron that I bought into that HOPE crap. Just to see what was there, I navigated over to HOPE.com. I found a completely appropriate web page there, a pay per click page that was full of links to worthless crap about loan modifications, debt consolidation, foreclosures, and online schools.


3 Responses to Well that figures

  1. evrenseven says:

    I volunteered for the campaign, made nearly 2000 phone calls, logged countless hours… but not because I believe in Barack Obama. Only because having a black man named *BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA* succeeding W was probably the single best “fuck you” to his legacy. He blew it so bad, that a decorated war hero couldn’t even get a sniff of the presidency because of his admittedly loose affiliation with W. That’s change we can believe in. C’mon, Marc, you know how the sausage is made. Does it really matter who the figurehead up front is?

  2. I agree that his election was supposed to be a nice “fuck you” to Bush. It seems more like BHO is rehabilitating GWB’s legacy, one screw up at a time.

  3. charles platt says:

    Marc, it is in the nature of honest, decent people to think that other people may be honest and decent too. That’s why so many voters fell for the Obamascam.

    I guess I must be less honest and decent for seeing him as a con man from the start. Either that or I used to be honest and decent but became disillusioned. A cynic is often a disillusioned idealist.

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